How to Incorporate Subtle Easter Décor


Whether spring has sprung in your corner of the world or there’s still remnants of winter outside, subtly sprucing up your space to celebrate Easter can prepare your entire home for a flourish of spring-inspired festivities.

Ever feel like Easter décor just isn’t for you? Or that it’s a challenge to instill the spirit of the holiday in your home without it looking slightly cliché? With these seven ways to elegantly incorporate the festivities of Easter into your kitchen, entryway, or living room, it will be feeling like springtime in no time.


Get Festive with Florals

One thing comes to mind at the first mention of spring – and that’s bunches of gorgeous flowers! You can’t deny the appeal of flower power in your home during springtime. Lilies, tulips, daffodils, and daisies are all the perfect accents to offset lingering winter weather and get you in the mood for spring.

Keep your entry table, dining room buffet, or kitchen counter updated with fresh blooms, or put together a more lasting arrangement of your favorite faux florals. Take it a step further by incorporating floral patterns into your home décor with throw pillows, hand towels, dishware, or framed flower prints.


Choose Egg-celent Décor

Although it may seem like an obvious ode to Easter, subtle yet creative egg displays can imbue just the right touch of springtime feels. An endlessly versatile piece of décor, eggs can serve as display pieces in the most unexpected places.

Let egg décor stand alone as a statement piece, or use several eggs as accents to a larger display. Fill a vase with speckled eggs to complete your Easter-inspired tabletop centerpiece, and rest branches of springtime greenery within the cluster. Or integrate them into your front door or kitchen wreath for a pop of seasonally-appropriate pastel hues.

Create a whimsical tablescape with a hanging egg tree using your favorite vase, several hollowed-out eggs, and some twine or string. Design eggs with pastel colors or intricate painted designs to subtly incorporate them into your everyday décor. Whatever idea you hatch, egg décor is sure to ready your space for the spring months.

A Scheme for Spring

Set the tone for Easter festivities by choosing a color scheme that fits the occasion. Upgrade the traditional pastel palette and graduate colors like sky blue, mint green, and ballet slipper pink to more mature, muted hues of slate blue, sage green, and dusty rose.

Spring subtle hints of these pastel tones into your Easter tablescape with sage green linens or your mantle display with a buttermilk yellow vase. Slip a pop of petal pink onto your couch with a new throw pillow, or slyly incorporate all your favorite pastel tones on your kitchen counter or entry sideboard with a basket full of beautifully-decorated, multi-color Easter eggs.

Basket Case

If you’re up-to-date with any of the reigning interior trends that have replaced wall art and taken over kitchen countertops the last couple years, you probably have at least several (or maybe several dozen) wicker baskets on display, or hidden away somewhere. Embrace the trend of woven textures this spring, and invite some boho and cottage-inspired style to mingle with a classic Easter aesthetic.

Procure traditional Easter vibes in your space and incorporate woven accents as subtle hints of springtime in your space. House fresh florals in a hanging basket in your mudroom, or use a woven accent on your kitchen counter to display hand-painted Easter eggs. Opt for baskets instead of wall art as a festive prop that can be left all year-round for a statement of interior style.


Set the (Table)Scape for Spring

Set a whimsical tablescape to welcome the new season. Whether your go-to Easter Sunday celebrations resemble a springtime feast, or you celebrate with a few close friends, setting a space for spring at your dining room table or kitchen counter will have you feeling festive all season long.

Choose a centerpiece that’s subtly seasonal, like a jar full of pastel-colored eggs or a hanging egg tree. Or, honor Easter in a tastefully traditional sense with rabbit figurines at the table. Fashion bunny ears out of your linen napkins to treat guests to a fun twist before they disassemble them to enjoy an Easter feast.

Add whimsical touches, like tulips in a teapot vase, or hang spring flowers from a string above the table to make your brunch or dinner attendees feel as though they’ve stepped through the looking glass.


Spring for Natural Textures

Channel the essence of Easter and curate an ode to new birth by incorporating natural textures throughout your home. Reach for raw finishes that complement the natural ebb and flow of your space, like acacia wood accents, sprays of baby’s breath, or stone textures.

Say sayonara to winter-reminiscent accents by swapping chunky knits or thick textures for light and airy linens in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Go “green” and display a variety of wispy stalks of  pampas grass on your entry table, or hang a lush spring wreath above your oven vent hood.

These earthy textures can manifest in the form of wood-carved bunnies, stone egg decor, or woven Easter baskets, and will create the perfect contrast against the pastel colors typically displayed during springtime. Complement lighter décor with printed textiles, like vintage-looking floral patterns or gingham for some tasteful opposition.

Feature Furry Friends

Allow springtime’s favorite animals to waddle and hippety hop to their debut at the dining table or entry console in the form of rabbit or chick-shaped décor.

Keep it festive and display white ceramic or wood animal figurines with just enough subtly to seamlessly transition from simple spring décor to an Easter-centric display. Or, go for a more obvious approach and DIY a bunny banner or chick-cutout garland from your mantle, doorway, or kitchen cabinets. Make them extra cute by gluing on cotton balls for fluffy tails.

How are you honing Easter décor in your home this year? Do you prefer subtle hints at the season, or do you like to go all out with a spring-centric interior? Tag us on Instagram to show us how you and your space like to celebrate this spring holiday!