The Science Behind Color Schemes and Mood

Ever wonder why you feel more productive in one area of your home verses another? Or perhaps you feel incredibly relaxed in your own bedroom while the laundry or children’s rooms evoke a slightly more chaotic feel.

While small collections of clutter might have a little (or a lot) to do with that, the color schemes you’ve chosen to display throughout your space can actually play a large part in affecting your mood, productivity, or emotions.

Color theory encompasses a broad spectrum of sciences behind the mixing and matching of different shades, however it also delves into how different shades can invoke complementary emotions, especially when you hone those hues in your home.

Step into the world of color theory with us, and we’ll show you how curating with color in mind can lighten the mood, spark creativity, and bring you one step closer to transforming your home into the most relaxing refuge.

A Neutral Palette

Hues of white, tan, cream, and grey all summon comfy, cozy feels, especially when accompanied with neutral-inclined textures and organic accents.

These tones can impart feelings of hope and harmony, all while lending to the crisp, fresh simplicity of a nearly non-saturated motif.

Channel comfort and productivity with cozy, Scandinavian-inspired color schemes, and incorporate neutral-toned textures throughout your living room or bedroom with cream-colored linens and white, tan, or brown furnishings.

Neutral-colored walls can be a great blank canvas to start slowly introducing pops of bolder colors in your space. Stark white walls may impart a less calming vibe, while an off-white or a slightly creamier hue can make all the difference in creating your neutral-friendly sanctuary.

Maroon Motif

Red can be utterly captivating, but it can easily become overwhelming if not displayed with tasteful restraint.

Hues of red evoke feelings of passion, energy, and action, so it may be imperative to use the bold color sparingly. Whether you choose to display pops of your favorite shade of red with decor, a single accent wall, or saturate your space with red furniture, deep maroons and rich ruby tones can communicate elegance and old-world class.

If you’re set on making a statement with red walls, dazzle guests in a luxurious-looking dining room or sitting area with a dialed-down shade of vermillion, rust, or mahogany.


Going Green

It’s no coincidence that shades of green are predominately named after earth-inspired elements, like shamrock, seafoam, or juniper. These hues can connect you to feelings of calming balance, as they are often symbolic of growth and renewal in nature.

If you’re on the hunt for new ways to implement green in your space, moody, olive-toned cabinetry, sage green tiling, or mint-colored linens can help you hit refresh.

Not in your budget to uproot your bathroom tiles or re-paint your kitchen cabinetry? Turn to nature to add subtle pops of green throughout your home with sprays of faux eucalyptus or olive leaves.

Hues of Blue

Accenting your home with shades of blue can impart a sense of serenity, reminiscent of the rolling waves of the ocean, or the constant of a cloud-free sky.

Pigments like turquoise, azure, and Egyptian blue can instantly transform a space from forgettable to vibrant and cultured, while shades like steel, navy, and Turkish blue evoke feelings of calming security.

Paint your bedroom walls Air Force blue to complement your neutral bedding and décor, opt for blue-hued tiles in your laundry room, or line your kitchen’s open shelving with Tiffany blue-tinted dishware displays to slip a sly pop of vitality into your everyday routine.


Orange you Glad you Like Yellow

A combination of yellow and red, orange can invoke similar emotions as either shade. Both orange and yellow channel creativity and energetic optimism.

Deep shades of orange can also be symbolic of impending new birth, as marigold, spice, and amber bring the warmth of our favorite Autumnal traditions. 

Incorporate salmon-colored tiles in your kitchen or bathroom to summon the excitement of a beach retreat or unique beauty of the desert. Paint an accent wall with a tinge of tangerine for a groovy, retro vibe, or opt for a more muted tone with sandstone linens or gold accents throughout your bedroom and bathroom.

Don’t love orange or yellow, but want to stay on-trend? Warm up your palette to both colors by displaying bowls of citrus, such as lemons or oranges in your kitchen or entryway.


Charcoal is the New Black

While thoughts of onyx or charcoal can often evoke feelings of a dungeon-like domicile, opting for black cabinetry, a charcoal accent wall, or dark and moody pieces of artwork and décor can up your home’s cool factor in a blink.

Coal-colored kitchen cabinetry, black accent pieces, and sweeping black furniture statements like a metal arched bedframe or bookshelf can play up a chic, urban industrial-inspired aesthetic. Deep colors like ebony and graphite beautifully complement natural wood pieces, muted tones, and gold accents.


How do you incorporate color into your personal places and spaces? Tag us on Instagram to show us your favorite neutral nook or colorful expanse in your home!