7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day from Home

Spending Valentine’s Day at home this year? No worries! With a little décor and some pink-and-red-inspired DIYs, you’ll soon be wearing your heart on your sleeve whether you’re staying in with your significant other, or hosting a video conference with your besties in place of your annual bash.

While 2021 may have you experiencing some qualms with quarantine this Valentine’s Day, these seven fun and festive celebrate-from-home ideas will ensure that there is no love lost this February 14th.


Put Your Hearts Up

Valentine’s Day décor doesn’t always get the love it deserves, and a simple string of heart-shaped garland or a red and pink floral arrangement can go a long way when it comes to kicking off the February festivities.

Don’t skimp on the V-Day décor this year, and festi-fy your space with pink, red, and white décor, or whatever colors speak your love language. Your Valentine’s decorations don’t have to be over-the-top to combat the stay-at-home blues. Simply DIY a felt or paper garland, or display a letterboard or homemade prints that manifest quintessential messages, like “Be Mine” or “XOXO”.

Throw a V-Day Video Bash

Had to downsize or postpone your annual Galentine’s party or get together with friends this year? Don’t let that wreck your weekend! Whether you’re celebrating the day of love long-distance or with a couple close friends, you can still keep the party rolling with a virtual get together.

Host a Galentine’s bash through a video call or a small party with 2 or 3 friends. Display your décor regardless of the distance, and choose a fun activity that everyone can enjoy virtually, like watching a movie together through screen sharing, or a Valentine’s-themed game. Open cards from each other over Zoom or Skype or send out swag bags as souvenirs from the “party”, and enjoy the same treats via delivery service.

If you decide to downsize your party rather than celebrate virtually, you can easily keep your soiree low key. Gather with a select few and enjoy a platter of everyone’s favorite food surrounded by fun decorations.

Host a Sweet Scavenger Hunt

If you’re on the hunt for a unique way to express your love, whether romantic or platonic, consider having your special someone search for their Valentine’s Day present. Get creative and write out poems or simple clues on a series of cards that lead to the next spot.

If you want to make it more meaningful, you can leave each clue somewhere significant to you and your Valentine. This is totally doable at home as well, as you can leave clues that lead your participant to the kitchen for a sweet treat and their next clue, or in the pocket of something you wore on your first date for an especially challenging search.  

Pro tip: write out your full scavenger hunt on a piece of paper before you finalize each clue card. That way, it’s easy to visualize where each clue will be placed so you don’t get them mixed up once the envelopes are sealed. If a DIY hunt sounds a little too dauting, you can simply search for a printable Valentine’s-themed scavenger hunt online. 

Get Cookin’, Good Lookin’

Channel your inner Martha Stewart (we know all that quarantine time made some sort of cook or pastry chef out of you!), and get baking some yummy Valentine treats. Heart-shaped waffles, your favorite sugar cookie recipe, or red velvet cupcakes are the perfect way to spark some V-Day feels from breakfast to dessert.

An easy, cost-friendly way to make your food more festive is to pick up some heart-shaped sprinkles or red and pink food coloring during your next grocery run and garnish your otherwise plain breakfast or treat with Valentine’s-themed toppings and colors. Sweets and treats not your thing? Style a charcuterie board to graze on throughout the day with strawberries, meats, and cheeses to get your savory fix.  

Plan a Picnic Indoors

There’s nothing so dreamy and romantic as a picnic, and staying inside doesn’t have to ruin the romance! Plan an indoor picnic that fits the season with your choice of festive food and drink, like pink lemonade, fancy cheese, and color-appropriate fruit, like strawberries and cherries.

Whisk your Valentine away to an idyllic countryside by means of a simple spare blanket or sheet draped across your living room floor. Plan your meal around the sunset, a romantic movie, or simply each other’s company. If you want to take your picnic’s aesthetic a step further, accent your spread with pink or red napkins, and Valentine’s-themed paper plates paired with your favorite stemware.    

Send Love Letters

Celebrate Valentine’s Day old school with the help of some festive paper and major nostalgia, and DIY some Valentine Cards to send to friends and loved ones.

Remember the giddiness that followed an anonymous or signed note from your favorite recess buddy or sixth-grade crush? Have some fun tastefully revamping an old tradition, and use a couple sheets of cute cardstock to scribble something sentimental for friends to receive on February 14th. Fashion your cards to stand out with DIY 3D art and a heart-shaped paper punch, or hand-doodled designs that’ll send some Valentine cheer to whoever the lucky recipient is.

Treat Yo’ Self

Even if you don’t have someone special to celebrate with this year, Valentine’s Day is still a great excuse to chill in your comfiest PJs and eat treats in front of your favorite rom coms at home.

Order in a splurge-worthy meal, pop on a classic romantic comedy, and have a night in with yourself. Keep the party-for-one rolling, and celebrate a day later by treating yourself to any deeply discounted Valentine candy that’s left on the shelf.

We’d love to see how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at home this year! Tag @walkeredisonco on Instagram to share your most creative celebrate-from-home festivities with us.