Incorporating Valentine's Red & Pink into Your Home Décor

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In the spirit of the romantic holiday, here are six tips for maturely incorporating bold shades of red and pink amongst your décor. These sophisticated ideas can be purely seasonal and switched out or reimagined once February ends, or you can use them to rejuvenate your space with a boldness that excites your home year-round.

Balanced Colors

Red and pink both have big personalities. To balance their enthusiasm, keep neutrals in play such as white, cream, black, or grey. These basic colors are the blank canvas for your creativity, and they will help you maintain a cohesive final look. 

Decorating with both pink and red at once will cater more to a specifically Valentine’s atmosphere, whereas sticking with just one of the colors will foster a more general, graphic vibe. Think about the mood you’re trying to set as you start picking out your pieces.

Filled Vases

The empty space on that entryway table, bathroom counter, or side table is beckoning some flora. Bouquets of red or pink flowers, berry sprays, or painted twigs in neutral or glass vases spread reminders of your color scheme throughout the house. Even reverse the look by using colorful vases with neutral inserts, or go for a strong, monochromatic approach with a matching vase and flowers.


Pink or red frames are an easy way to bring color to the walls. For the DIY-ers out there, all you need is paint in your desired shade to easily customize any frame. Use the bold new borders to complement your existing mirrors or neutral photographs and art pieces. Hang up a collage of mismatched empty frames on one wall for an artistic reimagination of the classic wall fixture.

Accent Furniture

A single statement piece of accent furniture can do a lot of the heavy lifting when looking to add a flash of color into your home. A sleek, cherry-red accent cabinet; deep, maroon velvet armchair; or a plush, pink couch make it clear which color is the star of the room. These large, eye-catching pieces serve as focal points to design the rest of the space around.

Colorful Fabrics

Look no further than the fabrics in your home for a wealth of colorful opportunities. Snuggle up in the reds and pinks of Cupid’s season by swapping in new throw pillows, blankets, drapes, rugs, bath towels—you name it—that showcase your new accent colors. Using fabrics is not only decorative, but also maintains the comfort and function of your home.

Statement Wall Art

Channel your creative side with striking red and pink art pieces. Hanging art is a great way to splash your accent colors onto your walls without needing to repaint the walls themselves. Abstract or graphic art pieces will add pattern and texture to enhance the visual interest of your space. A gallery wall of smaller coordinating pieces lends a room some variety, while one large piece that spans a significant portion of the wall confidently commands a room’s attention.

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