Sticking to Your Home Renovation Goals

We all have those projects that we push off because something always comes up. Make your New Year include some goals for home renovations so you can complete the year with satisfaction.

Pick 1 or 2 Projects Only. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself.

It may be tempting to take on a whole home refresh when deciding you want to start changing things up, but that is an easy way to get discouraged and not get anything done. Prioritize your projects and start at the top of the list.

Make a List of Needs and Wants

It’s time for a little give and take. Decide which parts of your remodel are the most important and which things you would like to get done. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what can reasonably be expected for the project. Make sure to have an end goal in mind.

Do Some Research.

Find what styles you like and then price it out. Make a Pinterest board dedicated to your project. Call a contractor for a quote or head to the local hardware store for some pricing ideas. Read articles on how long it takes to complete a project like yours. Get an idea of what these renovations usually cost and how much time they take.

Your research should also include some ideas of which parts of the project you’ll need help with so you can get a better idea of your possible budget. Even if you are the ultimate DIY-er, some things (such as plumbing or electrical) should be left to the professionals. Make a list of which tasks in your project can be done by you and which ones you will need to hire out.

Make a Budget Based on Your Saving Abilities and Research

Maybe you’ve found that the idea you had means you will have to save for more time or is just out of reach all together. This is why you set your budget after you get an idea of what a project like this would cost.

Take a look at your income and how much you can save a month for this project, and then set a timeline to meet your goal for the project funds. Make sure to save an extra 10% for unexpected costs.

Another way to plan your budget is to do your project in pieces as you’ve saved up the money for smaller parts instead of one big chunk.

Come Up with a Timeline for the Project

Be realistic! Rome wasn’t built in a day and your bathroom won’t change overnight. Start with a completion date and work backwards. Make mini goals within your larger goal so you don’t get overwhelmed. And keep life in mind! Your busiest season should not be the deadline for the heaviest part of the project.

Hire Professionals

Get recommendations from friends in the area and always look at reviews. Call around to a few places to get quotes before you make a final decision on which company you’ll go with. Ask lots of questions! And make sure to discuss payment terms before the project begins.

Make a Pack-up Plan

Home renovations mean a room or two may be out of commission for a while. Figure out how you can resume normal functioning while the remodel takes place. Set up a small kitchen in another room if necessary or designate a storage room for extra furniture that has to be moved.

Go For It!

After you’ve done all the prep work, it’s finally time to start seeing progress. And when it’s done, you can step back and appreciate your dream come true. 

Remember any room can be changed with a different piece of furniture or a rug, so if you find your home renovation may be out of reach for now, focus on changing the things you can.

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