How to Dual-Purpose a Desk as a Vanity

Waking up in the morning can be a struggle! With a little help from a personalized and organized vanity, you’ll get the right start to every day, whether headed to work or just relaxing on a Saturday morning. Here are some tips for your own makeup station. 

Find the Perfect Piece

Sure, you could choose an elegant vanity, but a secretary or writing desk could work just as well! In fact, they often feature drawers for easy organization of your supplies. And they come in a variety of styles so you can really embrace your boho or mid-century dreams.  

If you do choose a desk, find the perfect mirror to match. You can set it right on the desktop or hang it above for a cleaner look. Search at local thrift shops for an antiqued, vintage aesthetic.

If working with a small-space home, try out a side table. They often also feature drawers and take up half the space so you can still have an area dedicated to you.

Use the Wall Area Around the Vanity

Hang some adorable floating shelves and use the space to display your favorite lipsticks or framed photos from your adventures. The extra storage is always welcome and seeing some of your favorite items will definitely energize you before a long day at work.

Get Creative with Organization

Showcase your prettiest supplies as decor! Use jars to organize brushes on the top surface or place your accessories in serving trays so they are easy move around as you get ready.

Tuck clutter out of sight with a utensil organizer in one of the drawers to make access to your makeup easy. There are also many tabletop and drawer organization options to keep your essentials neat and simple to find.

Add Some Personality

Make your space exude your personal style! Add a faux flower or greenery arrangement to brighten up your morning every day. Even better, get some of your favorite plants to freshen the air and add a calming effect. Include some candles for a self-care vibe that reverberates throughout your whole day. Paint the wall with your vanity to separate it from the rest of the room.


Make sure you have enough light! Put your vanity next to a window, add a lamp, or string some LED lights around your mirror. If you are really feeling in the dark, get a professional ring light for a bright addition to your bedroom.


Get a comfortable chair that you like! You should be able to relax while you prepare yourself for a new day. Finding the perfect seat that matches your style is essential. Choose a pretty accent piece, a comfortable stool, or a classic office chair to complete your vanity.

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