Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

The festive holiday season may have come to a close, but there are still ways to scratch that itch to deck the halls. As you welcome the new year, welcome your friends and family home with these seven ways to adorn your front porch in winter finery. You may even have certain elements that can be transitioned from one season to the other, so don’t retire all your holiday décor just yet!

1. Cool and Neutral Color Palette

Emulating chilly temperatures is guaranteed to transform your porch into a winter wonderland. Sprinkles of blue and green accent an array of soothing neutrals from white to brown, cream, or grey. Curate decorations in this selection of colors and your display will be cool and cohesive.

2. Greenery

Wreaths, garland, or miniature potted pine trees live up to their timeless, evergreen nature as decorations that you can carry all the way into January. Incorporating flocked or frosted branches, cool or neutral-colored ribbons, and pine cones will emphasize their new wintertime role. Even take a minimalist approach by using unadorned greenery or a wreath made of only branches.

3. Birch Wood

Bring a cozy cabin getaway to your front porch with birch wood cuts. Large cuts can be stacked or used as pedestals for other decorations. Smaller pieces can be bundled up with twine and leaned casually against a corner. Birch’s knotted bark will add texture to your setup, and its silvery-grey coloration will coordinate perfectly with any other colors you tie in.

 4. Snowflakes

Nothing says “winter” like snowflakes! Incorporating snowflakes of different materials like metal, wood, or fabric adds variety to your décor. Hang flakes in various sizes overhead with clear string, use them to adorn a wreath, or use large ones as the star of the show.

5. Decorative Skis, Ice Skates, and Sleds

Your favorite wintertime activities can be reimagined as charming décor. Imagine you’re just coming home from a day on the slopes, and you lean your skis up against the wall by the front door to dry. Vintage-inspired skis, ice skates, or sleds evoke visions of winter fun, nostalgia, and appear more decorative than brand new equivalents.

6. Lanterns

Add warmth to your cool porch-scape by adding some lanterns into the mix. Visions of cozy winter nights snuggled up by a fire beckon your loved ones up to your home. Nestle a few lanterns within your other decorations to make your whole setup feel like it’s glowing from within.

7. Wintery Signs

A few words can go a long way for adding character to your winter porch décor. A wooden sign with painted words reading something like “Let it Snow,” “Happy New Year,” or “Ski Lodge” instills a personal touch that ties the whole scene together. If you have a chalkboard sign that you like to change up, this is a great opportunity to redesign it for the season!

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