A Guide to Neutral Autumn Décor

Hues of beige, tan, cream, sand, grey, and taupe evoke the essence of all things cozy, which is why you’ve decided to try out a neutral palette with your autumn décor this fall. Elements like cream-colored gourds, sage greenery, and caramel-tinted woven baskets will bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to accompany the oncoming crisp autumn breeze.  

We’ll lay out 13 of our key components to creating a neutral-friendly autumn sanctuary in your home this season. So, if you want your home to match your favorite fuzzy, taupe-toned sweater you’ll been wearing all fall long, read on.  

1. Implement Harmonious Hues 

Be a color matchmakerSince neutral home decor refers to a chosen color palette, color is the most important element to focus on when choosing your autumn décor. The best way to go about creating a warm, neutral-toned abode for any season is to pick varying shades of similar nude shades. For example, hues of white include cream, eggshell, off-white, and so on. You can display variations of tan by including shades of sand, beige, caramel, and taupe.   

Come pumpkin season, you can display various shades of gourds and pumpkins, and match them with varying hues of other colors to create the perfect neutral palette. Mix and match fun prints, materials, and textures with differing shades of grey, white, and tan to create the most down-to-earth environment in your space. 

2. Minimalism 

It’s time to embrace the mantra, “less is more.” When you focus on displaying a more subtle arrangement of fall décor, you allow the cozy shades of your neutral palette to be the star. Cluttered holiday displays can take away from the clean, understated look that most neutral-lovers crave.  

Arrange neutral-toned pumpkins along your mantle, along with some caramel-colored pampas grass, wheat stalks, or faux aspen leaves. Want to get festive, but afraid your Halloween décor will ruin your minimalist aesthetic? Opt for more subtle décor, like a sparse garland arrangement, or DIY black bat or moth cutouts sprinkled throughout your kitchen or mantle area. Or, place white skulls on top of your coffee table book collection for a simple and festive statement.  

3. Sage-Colored Greenery 

Sage-colored greenery, such as dusty miller, silver dollar eucalyptusor gum drop eucalyptus can add the perfect dose of color to your fall festivities without creating a ripple in your tan and cream-centered palette. Add bundles to your pumpkin displays, mantle, or kitchen countertops to add a light, airy feel to your autumn décor.  

4. Doodled Pumpkins 

If you’ve become blasé to the all-white pumpkin trend, shake things up this October with a marker! These “painted” pumpkins still embody a minimalistic, neutral-toned theme, but add an artistic twist. Decorate your pumpkins with folk art, a skeletal anatomy, or simply spell out “Trick or Treat” with a black permanent marker and display a fun, new addition to your autumn décor.  

5. Dried Grass 

Nature is often on the neutral-lovers side. Dried plants like wheat or pampas grass can come in handy when you’d like to find ways to incorporate warmer tones into your décor. Place a chopped bundle in a sea-glass wrapped pitcher on your kitchen countertop, or leave it long and wispy atop your mantle to add some texture to your whites, creams, and greys.  

6. Rattan and Woven Accents 

Rattan accents and woven baskets can tie together a neutral look by playing with textures to achieve a well-rounded compilation of nude home décor. Place a rattan serving tray on your kitchen island as a home to your pumpkins, or a woven basket next to your fireplace to hold your logs for future story times or movie nights near the fire.  

7. Festive Framed Prints  

If you’re a true neutral connoisseur, you probably have several gold-rimmed, white, or wooden frames tucked away or already hanging on the walls of your home. Use what you’ve got, and upcycle your picture frames into the home base for your most festive Halloween and autumn-inspired prints or black and white photos.  

Span your hallway space with frames that spell out the word “BOO” in simple black and white letters, or wave hello to the friendly skeleton print each time you pass your entryway to really get you and your family into the spooky season spirit.  

8. White Decorations

Neutral rule number one: don’t be afraid to embrace the absence of color throughout your home during the fall months. While white can seem like such a boring color that’s only suitable to display in abundance before Labor Day, shades of white can evoke the coziest vibes, even when it’s cold out.  

A chunky off-white knit blanket on your sectional, a bin of white pumpkins near your entryway or fireplaceand an arrangement of creamy-hued candles can summon just as much warmth as a rust-colored piece of autumn décor.  

9. Warm Metal Accents 

Just because you’re embracing more subdued, nude shades this autumn, that doesn’t mean you can’t add hints of warmer tones throughout your home. Gold and copper complement a neutral palette perfectly, so don’t be afraid to highlight your prettiest metal serving tray, or metal pitcher on display.  

Hang copper Russian mule mugs in your kitchen, or opt for a copper or gold candle holder to mix up the textures and tones of the neutral aesthetic in your space.  

10. Cozy Textures 

Mixing different textiles throughout your home is a great way to embrace neutral-colored comfort this fall. Fuzzy knits, chunky blankets and throw pillows can really add the ultimate, homey feeling of comfort throughout your living space. An off-white fur throw for your wood dining bench, or a beige rattan or woven basket to hold your firewood near the mantle can speak volumes about your love for all things neutral and cozy.  

11. Amber Glass 

Sometimes neutral décor can take on a boho vibeand amber glass is a fun and inexpensive way to embrace the aestheticUse the amber glass to house your wheat grass or corn stalks and assemble the ultimate centerpiece at your dining table, mantle, or kitchen countertop 

12. Elements of Wood  

Earthy textures and toasty colors are key to a warm, inviting neutral home during the chilly months. Integrate components of wood décor, like acacia, oak, or pine woodPlace a wooden stool to display your pumpkins by the fireplace, wood beads in your pumpkin trough, or a raw-cut wood tray to display your dried grass and cozy candles on any surface throughout your home.  

13. Subtle Pops of Color 

While the term neutral generally refers to the absence of color, little pops of rust orange can go a long way with sprucing up the fall feeling throughout your homeOpt for a burnt orange throw blanket or taper candles, or throw in some dark beige pumpkins to add dashes of color to turn up the warmth in your space 


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