Transitioning Décor from Fall to Halloween

Halloween and fall decorations are two leaves of the same tree. With so many shared motifs, you can save yourself time, space, and money by transforming your cozy fall décor into frightful Halloween horrors. Simply add in, swap out, reimagine, and rearrange. Here are six ways to repurpose your autumn sanctuary into a macabre manor.  If you’ve got it, haunt it!

Rearrange Your Fall Décor

Relocating your fall decorations to different areas of the household is a simple way to refresh your décor and begin the transition to spooky season. Shift the candles on your dining table over to the mantle, or move the pumpkins from the basket on the kitchen counter to a stack in the living room corner. This shakes up the setup you had gotten used to and encourages you to look at your space in a whole new way.


Incorporate Green, Purple, and Black

Your autumn décor most likely uses lots of oranges, browns, and other warm earth tones. That is a great foundation for the ghoulish greens, petrifying purples, and bewitching blacks that are unique to Halloween. Cater the colors to your unique style, whether that means an abundance of bold and saturated values, or sparing hints for a minimal look. Now is the perfect time to visit your local craft store in search for those colorful seasonal ribbons, string lights, sprays, and other wicked wonders.  

Decorative Cobwebs

Transform your cozy fall sanctuary into a haunted dungeon by stretching strands of artificial spider webs across every dark and scary corner. Encrust your fall pumpkins, wreaths, and centerpieces with cobwebs to turn up the eerie atmosphere. You can find webs in traditional white, black, orange, even glow-in-the-dark green, so mix and match or choose your favorite statement color. Perching a few plastic spiders amongst the tangle will add yet another layer of the creepy crawlies.

Potion Bottles

Amber bottles stuffed with bunches of wheat grass into potions and ingredients. Fill the bottles with different materials like dyed water for potions, sand for bone dust, or marbles for eyeballs. Pop a cork in, then begrime the outside using non-destructive methods. Wrap dingy pieces of twine, burlap, or waxed fabrics around the bottle. Even stick on moss or spider webs with double sided tape. Make a label for your apothecaries and burn the edges of the paper for an extra grimy touch. Try black wet-erase markers to draw on some finishing details, then pull up a recipe for your favorite witch’s brew and get cookin’.

Halloween Pumpkin Makeover

There are many ways to convert your harvest pumpkins into an October haunt, so pick your poison. For fans of the classics, carve out goofy faces or eerie moonlit scenes, then use their candlelit glow to light up your porch. Or let the spirit of great artists possess you, and paint the surfaces with solid colors, patterns, or sinister shapes. If you want to use the same pumpkins all the way through to Thanksgiving, tape jack-o-lantern shaped paper cutouts to the outside and simply remove them when the calendar flips to November.


Cauldron Flowerpots

Despite all odds, you’ve managed to keep the chrysanthemums you bought at the beginning of fall alive. That green thumb was just the beginning of your witchy transformation. Complete the metamorphosis by swapping out the ceramic flowerpots and harvest baskets and for black plastic cauldrons. Even add extra Halloween sprays to make your brew look extra bubbly.

How are you reimagining your fall decorations into Halloween hair-raisers? Tag Walker Edison on social media to show us your home’s chilling transmutation!