Circle Straw Bag for Under $10! (say whatttt?!)

Summer is quickly approaching and I thought it would be SO fun to attempt to make a super cute, trendy circle woven bag! Honestly, it turned out a lot cuter than I planned and it was CHEAP & pretty easy!!



2 round placemats (mine are these from ikea)

Wide Ribbon (mine was burlap & I double layered it)

a belt (got mine at a thriftstore for $2)


needle & thread

optional: fabric glue


First, you are going to cut your ribbon. I left about a 6 inch opening on the top of my bag! I really just looped the ribbon around the bag until it looked like a good length!

Then you can sew the ends-I used fabric glue but I think sewing would look nicer and hold up better but whatever is easiest for you!

Next, pin your ribbon onto your placemat! Make sure whatever side you want facing out is down.

Then sew! I did pretty big stitches, but just simple in and out. you could also use a sewing machine if you have one and it would probably be more secure for heavier items!

When you have finished and are ready to attach the next placemat be sure to sew them together inside out! It will make it a lot easier to sew together and then you can just flip it back out when you are done!

Next, just attach your belt. I cut off the buckle and got a braided belt so I could just stick the thread between the braided pieces.

I added this cute tassel from @winniemade (check out there etsy here) to make it more trendy and to add a fun pop of color!!

And that's it! You have a super cute new summer bag for under $10!!