11 Tips for Decorating Your Porch

Front porches have a very special place in my heart. When I was growing up, my family and I would spend every evening in the spring and summer outside on our front porch. It became something we all looked forward to because we could spend quality time together with no distractions. I decided years ago that I was going to continue this tradition at my home. With front porches being such a huge part of my family’s summer memories, I wanted it to be a pretty place where everyone felt comfortable and at home.

Below are a few tips on how to decorate your front porch for spring.

Start with a clean slate: No matter the size of the porch or the budget for decor it is important to clean up your space. For example, my family and I always do 3 simple things: sweep away all the dust and dirt, spray down with water, and wipe down everything. It is quick and makes the biggest difference in the way your porch will look at the end.

Staple pieces: When decorating our front porch, I always start with a few staple pieces. In my case, this was our park bench and side table. Picking a few neutral pieces make transitioning between seasons easy. 

Make sure to pick pieces that work for your home and family. Do you need a lot of seating? Does your front porch need to be more functional or is it simply for curb appeal? Do you need a table to have a few snacks?

Add softness with fabric: Look at decorating your front porch the way you decorate any other room in your home. You want it to be homely and comfortable, right? One of the best ways to do this is by adding pillows and throws. Personally, I like to use indoor pillows and blankets because they are softer and there’s a better selection of them when shopping around. The one thing to remember, is to not leave them out in a storm if you choose that route because they will get ruined.

Mix materials: Don't be afraid to mix metal, wood, ceramic, or glass together. Mix it up when it comes to your staple pieces as well as your decor. 

Colors: Use colors with the season. When I think of spring, I think of clean, fresh colors of neutrals, blues, and greens. To others, spring is bright and fun! You can never go wrong with adding a pop of color like yellow, pink, or teal. Remember to keep the amount of color mild so it doesn't become too busy or distracting.

Natural Elements: It's so peaceful to be surrounded by mother nature. Incorporating fresh flowers or greenery to your porch really brings it all together. Succulents, potted plants, flower boxes and fresh flowers on the table are all easy ways to create that serene atmosphere.

Add a wreath: Up your curb appeal and welcome guests with a festive wreath! Pick a wreath that pops off the door and makes a statement for the season. A wreath is the perfect place to add a natural element or pop of color.

Click HERE to see my DIY fresh greenery wreath tutorial.

Rugs: Remember how we established above that you should look at your porch like you do a room in your house? A rug is the perfect way to create the feel of a room. Pick a neutral rug that can be easily changed between seasons or spice it up and pick a festive rug that screams with the season.

Click HERE to read about my favorite way to incorporate rugs on my front porch.

Accessorize: This is where you tie it all together. Pick accessories that speak to you and represent your family. Lanterns, a vase, a cute pitcher, or a strand of patio lights is a great place to start. 

What to eat: Think about what is in season. Is there something you've been craving all winter long? If so start there. Next, keep it simple. Finger food is a huge hit at our home because it’s easy to eat and clean up. My experience is that porch gazers love something savory. Our favorite porch snack is bruschetta. We will be posting the yummiest bruschetta recipe later this week, so stay tuned!

Serve in style: Your food should be part of your decor because who are we kidding, food can be so pretty! Serve your snacks on a cute cheese board or serving dish. 

There you have it! I hope these tips were helpful for you to decorate your front porch for spring so you can enjoy being outside with your friends or family.

Let me know which decorating tips you’ll be incorporating on your porch by commenting below.

Happy Spring! 


Walker Edison