Guide to Layered Doormats

When I first heard about layered rugs I couldn't quite grasp the concept. It seemed strange that someone would want to buy a rug just to cover it up with a slightly smaller rug. But, after browsing images of the layered rugs styled out on Pinterest, my doubts about this current design aesthetic quickly changed. I now LOVE how layered rugs look because it adds a bit of character and a personalized touch to your house.

My favorite way to incorporate this trend in my home is to layer my doormats. I love this for a number of reasons, those being…

  1. It is the first thing people see when they come over. Giving a good first impression!
  2. It is an affordable design option.
  3. It is an easy design choice as they can be changed out depending on the season or holiday.

Quick How To

Do it yourself! The process is simple. Find a 2' x 3' flat weave rug and layer a standard doormat on top. Ta-da you're done!

For me, I browsed the internet for hours to try and find the perfect rug for my front door. I came across this adorable buffalo check rug on Amazon of all places (see link below) and I instantly fell in love, as it fit my personal taste so well! I wanted my decorative rug to extend a little further on each end so I picked the 2' x 4'. Not all rugs come in a 2' x 4' so if they don't, a 2'x 3' works perfect too!

I’ve provided a few examples of rugs that you might like in my collage below. Otherwise, find two rugs of your choice of different sizes so that you can easily layer them on top of each other to incorporate this trend into your own home.

Aesthetic wise, I would recommend choosing a simple rug and having the other rug in a print, so that they match well together. You can do this by finding the patterned rug first, then pick a color from the patterned rug you’d like to accentuate and find the second rug in that color. Or, keep things simple by having the larger rug in a neutral shade of black, brown, tan, or gray, and the smaller rug in a print of your choice. This way, the rugs stay coordinated and they help tie it all together.

I have gathered a few rug combinations for some inspiration. Happy layering!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / A / B / C / D / E / F


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Walker Edison