DIY Planter Box-- A Centerpiece for your Spring Table!

Spring is here and I just want ALL the fresh flowers. I wanted to do a fun centerpiece for Easter and thought a box of fresh tulips would be perfect for my Easter Brunch!


So I decided to head to home depot and build myself a box, and today I wanted to share how I did it with you!


What you will need:

3 pieces of wood (20" cut of 6" width of wood)

2 end pieces (7" same width)

(The folks at Home Depot were very helpful and will cut the wood for you!

I also did my measurements to hold 5, 32 oz mason jars, just so you know!)

Drill (with drill bit & philips head)

Wood Screws

Stain (optional)

2 drawer pulls

Hot glue


First, measure and mark where you want your drill holes, you will need 4 holes in the end pieces and 2 in 2 of the long pieces (2 sides)


Match up your side pieces, and drill in your wood screws.

Next screw on your end pieces.

And wallah! You have made a pretty sweet box. If i'm being totally honest, my box was farrrrr from perfect, but I feel like it adds to it! It's homemade and I love the personality that give its!

Next I added some stain which I think made it look a lot richer and just made it look more finished! I was also sick of drilling by this time, so I used hot glue to attach my handles, and just have been picking it up with the box-not the handles!


Add your mason jars, and load it up with tulips! I love this as a centerpiece, it brings so much life and springy-ness to a table!! You can also use this year-round by filling with different greenery, florals, etc! Enjoy and be sure to tag us on instagram (@walkeredisonco) if you try it out for yourself! Styled with our Millwright 6 Piece Dining Set in Antique White.