Embracing Minimalism

We are ringing in 2019 by focusing on creating minimalist spaces. January is time for fresh starts, focusing in on our goals and ways to improve our lives. One of our goals this year was to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle and we thought we’d share some easy tips on incorporating minimalism in your own home.


If you’re like us you’ve started watching Marie Kondo’s new special on Netflix called “Tidying Up”. Marie tells her clients to focus on keeping items that spark joy for them. This is one of the most essential parts of embracing minimalism: de-cluttering and focusing on the things that make you happy. Getting rid of clutter can get rid of stress, as well as open up space in your home making it feel bigger and brighter.


In a minimalist space, everything has a place. Organization is key. We love pieces that are simple and functional. A side table with drawers can help hide clutter. The metal accents add an element of design while keeping a clean, simple & minimal look.


Another way to incorporate minimalism into your home is with the color scheme. Neutrals are essential. Think white, beige, grey in multiple different tones and shades. We love mixing neutrals to create a clean space where your ideas can flow freely.



We love minimalism in bedroom spaces. Some fresh florals & greenery add the perfect amount of freshness to a bedside table. Fresh linens with these same color schemes as shown above can refresh your space making it feel light and airy.


Minimalism focuses on clean lines. One way to incorporate these lines in a home office would be with a simple desk. We love this one. There is nowhere to hide clutter, so this is for those of you who are all digital and desire an extremely clean look.

Modern minimalism is so refreshing. Clarity can be gained through de-cluttering and organizing. We challenge you to get organized and create a peaceful space by incorporating some of these tips. Embrace minimalism and let it set you free!