2 Ingredient Red Velvet Cake Pops

So I'm going to be honest here. I was slightly skeptical of this method for making cake pops, I am a total cake snob and I wasn't sure how using grocery store cupcakes for this recipe would work out. BUT I AM SO IMPRESSED. Seriously, blown away at how amazing these turned out and how simple they were to make!! 2 INGREDIENTS is all you need to make these adorable & delicious pops. Seriously make these for your honey, family or friends this Valentines day & they WILL be impressed.



What you need:

Red Velvet Cupcakes (store bought, we found red velvet at walmart & used 2 mini packages, but you could use normal size as well!)

White Chocolate Chips (semi-sweet for drizzle if you like & candy melts also work well for dipping & come in fun colors!)



Step 1: Separate the cake & frosting from the cupcakes into separate bowls.

Step 2: Add the cake part to your mixer & mix to make crumbs. You could also do this with your hands or a spoon in a mixing bowl. Take out some of the crumbs to use for decorating!

Step 3: Add in HALF the frosting and mix. You do not need a lot of frosting, the cake is moist on its own so add just enough frosting to make it all stick together.

Step 4: Form your "dough" into balls! I used a cookie scoop to make sure they were all around the same size and then just rolled them in my palms to form balls. Poke holes in all your balls with a cake pop stick.


Step 5: Melt 3-4 oz. (a small handful) of white chocolate chips in the microwave. Microwave in small increments of 10-15 seconds until your chocolate is glossy. Stir between microwaves until smooth. Once smooth dip sticks in chocolate and then in the holes you previously poked to secure sticks into your cake pops! Let set in freezer for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Melt more chocolate chips in a cup. Start dipping your pops. You may need to remelt and add more chip so you have enough chocolate to submerge your pops. Be cautious when dipping, they are still kind of fragile. Dip your pop into the chocolate and rotate while drying to remove excess chocolate.

Step 7: Roll in crumbs you set aside earlier. Prop up to dry, we used a styrofoam block to secure our pops while drying but you could put them in cups as well! Once the chocolate is set they are ready to eat!