How To: Basket Wall


Earthy. Modern. Boho. CHEAP. Am I speaking your language yet? If the answer is yes I think you are going to LOVE this idea. It's a gallery wall made up of a bunch of baskets and its the cutest addition to SO many spaces. I threw together this basket wall in less than an hour, and it cost less than $20. So if you've got a blank wall, an hour & $20 here's how you can do it:


Supplies:: First things first, gather your decorative baskets. I suggest going to your local thrift store, that's where ALL these baskets came from. Also if you have any lying around your house throw 'em in your pile, the more the merrier. I suggest getting a range of styles, shapes and colors. I sat in the store for like 30 minutes arranging baskets until I had my general idea (and when you get there, TAKE A PICTURE, you will not remember how you had them at the store and that tends to be a good starting place).

& you will need command strips to hang them.


As I said before it is best to make a plan on the floor first, and then start to hang your baskets. I layed them out on the floor exactly how I wanted them, and took a picture so I could just transfer it on to the wall how I had planned.


When you've got it just how you want it, it's time to start hanging! I just used command strips, but if you wanted it more secure or you have a basket that isn't taking the command strip well you can hot glue the basket on to one of the command strips (the smooth side).


I started with my "statement" piece or biggest basket first, so I could just work out from there. On this big one I also used a few command strips to make sure it was secure, but on the other ones I just used one pair!


Once the big one was up, I just assembled all the other baskets around like I had in my picture.


Now step back and enjoy your gorgeous new wall!


I styled this basket wall above our Savanna Dresser and chose accessories based on height. I wanted my basket wall to have a slight angle up when looking at it from left to right. I love how the browns pull out the wood in the Savanna Dresser and warm the room up! I totally recommend trying out this fun DIY, its so easy and soooo cute!