DIY: Flower Hoop Wreath

Are you guys ready for spring as much as I am?! I am SO happy it's finally March, and what better way to celebrate the approach of spring then with a beautiful flower wreath?


This wreath is pretty easy to make, and seriously brings so much life to your home. I used fake flowers for this demo, but was dreaming of using real flowers. Spring is upon us and you can probably find some beautiful real flowers at your local grocery store, but Hobby Lobby is always a good option for fake flowers as well.



Flower stems: 1-2 of each, 2-3 different varieties ( I bought 1 pink peony & 2 white roses)

Greenery: 2 Large (to go up the sides, I used lambs ear) and 1 for filler ( I used eucalyptus)

Metal Hoop: Found in the macrame section, but also gold would be so pretty so i linked one here for you!

Wire clippers, scissors, floral tape & hot glue gun also help to make the job nice and easy!


Step 1: Wrap your large greenery around the hoop meeting where the leafy part starts, leaving room for your flowers in between the leaves,as pictured above. Secure with floral tape in the center, this will also be the base to glue your flowers on.


Step 2: Add in extra greenery to cover any sparse areas and to make your wreath feel more full.


Step 3: Use the wires in your flower to secure center flower (I used my pink peony as my center flower). Once the wire was wrapped around the hoop, I secured it with more floral tape. Then I glued on my 2 accent white flowers on either side of the pink flower. I found hot glue to work better than wrapping the wire because it gave me more control over where I was placing these next 2 flowers.


That's it. 3 easy steps to add some spring to your home. We styled this wreath on our Finley Hall Tree and think it brings the perfect amount of life to this space! It would also be so cute in a nursery, on your front door, or displayed in your kitchen! Tag us on instagram @walkeredisonco if you try it yourself!!