Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These lettuce wraps are about to rock your world. They're flavorful, filling and so easy to throw together for a quick weeknight dinner. I made them here in the office and they were gone in like 2 seconds flat and everyone wanted more. Needless to say I think they will be a hit at your house!


Start by prepping all your ingredients. Wash your lettuce, cube your chicken, chop your peppers, onions and garlic and combine all your sauce ingredients (see full recipe below).


Cook your chicken! I'm super paranoid about raw chicken so I made sure all the pink was gone before I took it off the heat! I moved it into a bowl so I could cook the veggies.

Up next cook your veggies! Just leave them on the heat till they start to soften, 2-3 minutes. You still want them to be crisp!

Add your chicken and cashews in with your veggies and stir it up! Then add your yummy sauce!

Get everything ready for serving. We had our lettuce leaves with cashews and cilantro for topping!

&&&& ENJOY!! Seriously these are one of my favorite dinners and I hope it becomes one of yours too! Tag us on instagram (@walkeredison) if you end up trying this recipe!!