SPRING CLEANING (DIY Products to save the day!)

It's April and that means it is OFFICIALLY spring and we can bring you all the spring cleaning tips!!! I had a lot of fun putting these recipes together, and hope you love them as much as I do!!

Let's start in the kitchen!

You know those cute little dishwasher tabs you can buy at the store, for like, way too much? Well lets forget about that and make our own! here's what you'll need:

1 C baking soda

1 C borax

1/4 C epson salt (use the rest for a relaxing soak!)

1/4 C vinegar

10 drops citrus essential oil

ice cube tray

Combine all the above ingredients in a bowl, then dump it into the ice cube tray and squish down with your fingers. Let dry overnight. They are pretty crumbly but I was able to get them all out of the tray without breaking any so they do hold up pretty well! Store in an airtight container!


Next up, reusable disinfecting wipes! This was the one I was most excited about because its so green and reduces waste! Here's what you will need:

old rags/washcloths/ reusable wipes (10-12)

1 C water

1/4 C rubbing alcohol

2 TBS ammonia

1 TBS dish soap

Combine all liquids into a bowl and mix! Pour over your choice of "wipes" , I stored mine in a large glass jar! Shake it up and let them soak in your liquid, then you're ready to use! When you get through your jar, just throw them in the washer machine, mix up some more solution and you have an endless supply of disinfecting wipes!


Next we have a classic: the all-purpose cleaner. There are a million recipes for this online, but here's a basic recipe to get you started!

3 C water

1 C vinegar

1 tsp dish soap

5 drops essential oil (I recommend a citrus for optimum cleaning power!)

Combine all ingredient in a spray bottle!


Okay, now lets move on to the laundry room!

This detergent is THE BOMB. Seriously, it smells amazing and cleans clothes like no other!

3 C borax

2 C baking soda

4.5 C Oxi Clean

1 C fabric softener beads

1 bar shredded Dr.Bronners Castille Bar Soap

Combine all ingredients. Also, shredding a bar of soap might sound really tedious but let me tell you it is so fun and will fulfill all your ASMR dreams.


Last the best of all the game. This is the ultimate simple hack. WOOL DRYER BALLS. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a scent boost. These balls bounce around in your dryer and make your laundry SO fluffy. They also make your laundry dry faster, so  Seriously you NEED these. SO much better than dryer sheets and A LOT less wasteful!