Find Your Unique Interior Design Style

The best way to feel right at home in your space is to curate a style that caters to your aesthetic. Whether you’re redecorating your pad or starting fresh, its important to tailor your décor to your personal style. Finding design inspiration can be a difficult task. To start, consider your personality and the lifestyle you’re drawn to, then use the tips below to create a comfort zone that’s all your own. 


Are you a no-nonsense person who gravitates toward functional, utilitarian products and open spaces? If elements like exposed brick, neutral tones, and metal hardware tickle your fancy, take an industrial interior for a spin. This minimalist design style takes its inspiration from salvaged factories and warehouses, so if you’re drawn to repurposed items and architectural details, you may just find your bliss in an industrial space. 

Concrete floors, visible pipes, and exposed brickwork are the perfect foundation for an industrial abode. Embrace the unfinished look by incorporating earthy colors, bare lightbulbs, and distressed wood into your setup. Choose furniture that features a mixed-material build, focusing on wood elements, clean lines, and bold metal details. Reduce visual clutter by adding functional pieces to your space, like a lift-top desk that keeps tech and supplies out of sight. Finally, add some elements of comfort. Fabrics like linen, leather, or textured knits will add a sense of warmth to your respite. 

Mid-Century Modern 

Do you like your belongings to have a sense of history and nostalgia? A mid-century modern pad could be the perfect fit. This trend appeared in the 20th Century and eschewed the frivolity of former interiors, turning instead to minimalism, functionality, and timeless style. Family-oriented spaces and natural elements are at the forefront of MCM design, so party hosts and nature lovers alike can enjoy this design style.  

Start with a few statement pieces. Roll out an area rug or choose a coffee table that features geometric shapes, rounded lines, or pops of color. Then fill out the space with multifunctional furniture that boasts natural elements, like granite-top nesting tables or a futon with a wooden frame.  

Bring the outdoors into your space by opening those windows wide or bringing home a few choice houseplants. You can open up the space even more by incorporating glass or mirrored elements. Lastly, keep your décor minimal so as not to contrast with your statement pieces. A few paintings or a nice vase will give your space a homey feel without adding clutter to the look. 

Modern Farmhouse 

Those who feel drawn to a rural, country lifestyle will settle in nicely with a modern farmhouse home. If you enjoy watching the wind make waves in a golden field of wheat or you just want to make friends with the local farm animals, this fetching aesthetic is right up your alley. Grounded individuals who crave the taste of a simpler life but love modern comfort will find a sense of peace in this cozy yet contemporary aesthetic. 

Modern Farmhouse draws its inspiration from rustic, country interiors, but with a modern twist. Fill your home with quaint furniture, like a TV stand with barn door details or a coffee table made from reclaimed wood. Don’t shy away from pieces that have a weathered, natural look. You can bring in modern elements by accenting with metal décor and light fixtures. Keep your overall color scheme neutral with colors like white and light brown, and add pops of interest with metal details and vintage finds. Bring country comfort to the forefront by implementing fabrics like canvas, cotton, and wool.  


Do you prefer clean, simple silhouettes and muted color palettes? A Scandinavian interior could be your perfect fit. This design style balances minimal, functional décor with a sense of comfort and contentment. Those who feel happiest in a crisp, clean, but welcoming environment will feel right at home with a little help from Scandi style.  

Tap into this breezy aesthetic by choosing practical, well-made furniture pieces that reduce clutter and create a minimalistic base. Opt for neutral tones like white, stone grey, or taupe. Furniture pieces with light wood accents can add that special sense of natural, sophisticated comfort that Scandi is known for. Once you’ve built your base, you can start adding pops of contrast. Home in on the hygge vibe by placing thick-knit blankets, candles, and throw pillows around your abode. Play with color and texture in ways that bring balance and a little fun into your space. And don’t forget to focus on light! Maximize natural light by hanging gauzy curtains, or, if you’re lacking in large windows, pick up statement lighting pieces that can serve as focal points in your home.  


Are you an eclectic individual that enjoys bright, bold hues and a layered aesthetic? Do you love art and self-expression? Look no further than bohemian design. Relaxed and carefree, this interior style caters to those who love vintage finds, botanical vibes, and a mix-and-match look that can be customized endlessly. If coloring outside the lines is your thing, then this look is for you. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating with a bohemian mindset. This unique style takes its strength from creative freedom, so get playful with patterns and textures that speak to your soul. Unleash your inner maximalist by layering houseplants, thrifted décor, and travel souvenirs over your vintage or handmade furniture pieces. Since expression and art are at the heart of boho style, don’t hold back when putting up paintings, arranging novels, or placing your record collection. However you arrange your space, let it speak to the things that light your creative spark! 


Do you spend your days out on the town wishing you were at home? Are you a fan of a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle? Consider cottagecore. Inspired by an idyllic life surrounded by nature, this pastoral design style will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who love a quiet night in with a cup of tea and a good book. 

Start out by inviting nature into your home. Fabrics or wallpaper with botanical patterns, dried or fresh-cut flowers, and potted plants will capture the romantic vibe of a quaint cottage. Pick up furniture that has a timeworn, weathered look. Secondhand shops are a great place to start, or look for new pieces that feature intentionally distressed wood or leather. Keep the tones of your setup earthy and muted with colors like rust, sage, and sky blue. Add a little extra whimsy to your décor by incorporating warm light and handmade pieces that speak to traditional skillsets, like handcrafted pottery or art painted by friends. 


If you’re a bold go-getter who loves luxury and opulence, try a glam interior on for size. Harkening back to Hollywood regency, this indulgent style beckons actors and artists alike. Kick off your heels after a night at the theater and relax like the royalty you know you are with a little help from your newly glamorized digs. 

More is more when it comes to a glam interior. Jewel tones, sparkling metallics, and lush faux fur all clamor for center stage. Let your unique personality shine by incorporating animal prints, bold pops of color, or shimmering velvet and silk. Lavish your space with elegant furniture that features gold accents and luxurious fabrics. Then, top off the look with dramatic mirrors, vintage paintings, and geometric or metallic accent pieces will elevate your extravagant space. 


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