How to Create a Warm & Welcoming White Room

You walk into your new apartment, excited for all the decorating possibilities and see…. white walls? While some may see this as a challenge, or just cover it with tons of art and posters, there are some other options that keep decorating simple and welcoming while embracing white as a theme. Not to mention the clean look is totally trendy! 

Here’s how to keep the look without creating a cold atmosphere: 

Mix Different Shades of White 

Add a cream throw, a grey couch, or a taupe rug. Adding different shades of white creates dimension, so instead of looking at a boring room, you see a number of colors that aren’t overwhelming. Which can be very calming. 

Create Movement with Texture 

A white wall hanging or fuzzy throw can go a long way when it comes to creating movement in a white room. Find a patterned rug or upholstered chair that follows your chosen color palette. Different textures add dimension and make the room seem more put together.  

Add Slight Color 

Choose a staple color for an interesting accent in the room. This color can be any that fits your personality or style. Some choose a darker grey or black, others decorate with a rust orange or a dark green. We do suggest you keep it fairly neutral to not ruin the calming vibes coming from your white room. Choose a muted color palette for the most natural look. 


We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again. Greenery is totally a mood booster. Plus, it makes a great addition to white rooms because it offers some neutral color to warm up the space. Keep it simple. Add a single vase on a side table or a potted plant next to the couch.  

Add Some Light 

White decorating can make small rooms seem a lot larger than they actually are. But the room will seem cold if you don’t keep it well-lit. If you don’t have big windows for natural light, find some charming pendant fixtures to keep your room bright 

Find the Right Shades of Furniture 

You may be tempted to find as many white pieces to add to your room as possible. But to create an earthy atmosphere, you are going to need some warm tones to break up the monotony. Try some warm woods to keep the natural look and add an interesting contrast to the white.  


When in doubt, simplicity is key. Don’t overthink it. One of the most successful ways to decorate a white room is in a minimalistic state of mind.