Hygge: the Stylish Art of Comfort

There’s more than one way to enjoy a Danish delight; introduce yourself to the snuggly art of coziness, Hygge! A staple of Denmark and Norway, this comfy culture is all about bringing enjoyment, wellness, and fun to your living space. Who doesn’t want a revamped, warm home? We’ll show you how to get that Scandinavian look! Let’s take a trip to this Nordic atmosphere and hop aboard the cozy train. You’ll be oh-so content!  

Fireplaces are the First Step  

Incorporate the basics into your living room, bedroom, or home office. Picture yourself wrapped up in thick, wooly blankets next to a roaring fire. Curl up on your couch, or even the ground, and relish the comfort of a stay-at-home movie. If you can turn yourself into a Danish burrito, you’re doing it right.  


Cultivate Comfort with Candles 

If a fireplace isn’t for you, consider candles. Or pair the two together for the ultimate, cozy aura. Keep your candles either at the forefront of the room or place them in discrete spots for a more subtle, comfy atmosphere. Light them in the morning as you enjoy a warm breakfast or set them out at night as you unwind from a long day. Even use the candles for a bubble bath, yoga session, or cooking night. The best part about candles is you can place them anywhere you like for the perfect touch of Hygge.  

The Bigger Your Socks, the Better 

There are fuzzy socks, and then there are fuzzy socks. We’re talking layers of wool, piles of fluff, and traditional Nordic patterns everywhere. Happily prop your wooly socks up on the coffee table, hot cocoa in hand, and your fireplace sparkling just right. Taking time out of the day just for you, or with loved ones, makes all the difference. Compare who has the best socks or keep all that hot chocolate to yourself and sink into the couch. But don’t fall asleep just yet! The coziness continues… 


Big Blankets and Pillow Forts 

Turn yourself into a hibernating bear with a sea of big blankets and piles of pillow forts. Use them for décor or for your personal use. Throw-blankets on sofas are a big win and the bigger the pillows, the better. You want your friends—or just yourself—to feel as if your space was made solely for the purpose of comfort, relaxation, and stress-free vibes. Never ask for a blanket; they should already be there, ready to grab. Same goes for those pillows. If it doesn’t look like you can jump into a blanket ocean, you missed the Hygge mark.  

Bring the Outdoors to You 

If finding time to get outside is too stressful or unreasonable, then bring in a couple houseplants. They can be any type! Make them pretty accent pieces around a room, or the central focus. Consider adding in other natural tones such as woven baskets, wooden ladders, or paleolithic pots. The best part of Hygge is that no one can tell you what you can or can’t do with the basics. So, enjoy experimenting with this aspect of the culture anyway you see fit and design like crazy! 


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