How to Put Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

‘Tis the time for tree trimming, and we’ve got your back with one of the hardest parts of the job: how to put ribbon on your Christmas tree without it looking like a Pinterest fail. Strategically placing ribbon onto your tree can elevate the look of your holiday décor and bring in multiple patterns and textures to the jolly ‘scape. With these basic tips, your tree will look like it was trimmed by a pro!

Choose your Ribbon

You’ll want a ribbon that matches your interior style or coordinates well with the ornaments you have for your tree. Love a more minimalist touch? Try ribbon with a gingham print, or an iridescent white ribbon. If the still-trending Cottagecore style has you feeling all kinds of cozy, reach for a frayed, vintage-looking ribbon or velvet red or burgundy one. From burlap ribbon to glittering purple, there are plenty of color and pattern options that you can find to fit your style and cohesively weave into your other Christmas décor.
Whether you take a trip to your local craft store or you forage through your boxes of existing Christmas décor, any ribbon will do. While it’s not necessary to have a wired ribbon to complete the task, it makes it much easier to maneuver it as you like.

Cascading Ribbon

This look places the origin point of the ribbon at the top of the tree, and the ribbon cascades effortlessly down the length of the tree. To create the waves of this signature style, wired ribbon will be the easiest to work with. You’ll need 3-4 rolls of ribbon depending on the size of your tree and the look you’re going for.

  1. First, you’ll want to tuck or tie the start of each ribbon at the top of the tree
  2. Cut each ribbon at even lengths measuring a foot or two past the bottom of the tree. Leave quite a bit more ribbon than you think you need because you’ll be shortening the overall length when you fold it
  3. Start at the top and begin gently folding the ribbon back and forth. Be careful not to fold the ribbon completely as it’ll create harsh creases
  4. Tuck certain pieces further into the tree than others to create a more voluminous look. Secure the ribbon onto the pine needles if you need to, to keep the ribbon in place
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the look, you can fold the bottom of the ribbon into the base of the tree to finish it off, or you can cut the excess at an angle for a more flowy look

Wrap-Around Ribbon

Arguably the easiest method of ribbon decorating, the wrap-around look is both classy and timeless and works great with ribbons of different lengths. While other methods won’t mess up your ornaments too much, this technique should be done before you garnish your tree with other bits and bobs. The ribbon should go on after the lights, but before the ornaments.

  1. Start at the top of the tree. Tuck or tie the ribbon in the back of the tree where you won’t be able to see the start of it
  2. Begin loosely wrapping the ribbon around the tree. Rather than allowing it to sit on top of the needles, gently tuck the ribbon within the front layer of pine needles.
  3. Wrap around the tree until you reach the bottom. You’ll probably need 2-3 rolls of ribbon for this, so if you run out of ribbon, tuck the ends farther into the tree. Begin with the next ribbon by also tucking the start of the ribbon a little further into the tree and continue wrapping it around
  4. Once you’re done, gently tug the ribbon down a bit to create an effortless look

Whimsical Knots

Whether you gravitate towards Scandi design or mid-century modern interiors, this bowtie technique can make your home look whimsical and holiday-ready. This technique is perfect for minimalists and maximalists alike, and you can choose to work with wired or non-wired ribbon depending on the look you’d like!

  1. You’ll want at least 6-12 ribbons cut to equal lengths to start
  2. If you’re working with non-wired ribbon, you’ll want to tie the bow directly onto the branch. With wired ribbon, tying a bow first and placing it within the branches will work best
  3. Tie the bow and pull tight enough to secure the knot. Then, fluff up the two ears of the bow, and make sure there are no harsh creases
  4. Step back and make sure the ribbons are evenly dispersed throughout the branches

The Woven Look

This style creates beautiful focal points throughout different spots on the tree. Very similar to the cascading ribbon technique, this method works best with multiple rolls of wired ribbon and looks great with coordinating colors and textures.

  1. Begin like you would with the cascading technique, at the top of the tree, and secure each ribbon into the branches or a large bow
  2. Cascade the ribbon down the tree, but work the ribbon throughout different angles, folding it as needed
  3. Go around the tree and gently tuck parts of the ribbon deeper into the branches. These loops should be dramatic, and rather than flowing freely down the tree, the ribbon should be consistently tucked in and out of the branches
  4. This look is ideal for maximalists; if the tree looks too sparse, go in and add another layer of iridescent or glittery ribbon to accent it even further


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