Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

2022 may be over, but last year’s fresh take on interior design concepts is alive and thriving. This past year, we embraced the total domination of cottagecore, cool, coastal spaces, and eco-friendly interiors. In 2023, interior decorators are taking the best of last year and making it more functional, unique, and innovative.

From ancient aesthetics to black-on-black tones, there are some exciting trends emerging within the interior design sphere. Here are some of our predictions for what the new year will bring to spruce up spaces everywhere.


Chunky, Geometric Furniture

If it seems as though furniture is warping into otherworldly shapes and stylish blobs, you’re not wrong. One of 2022’s trending designs is making a comeback this year, only bigger and better. Neotenic design is an interior aesthetic that marries self-expression and the drama of geometric shapes. Think curving silhouettes, funky and chunky décor, and soft textures to match the sweeping shapes.

Invite this soft look into your space with armless velvet or bouclé chairs, arch-shaped furniture or mirrors, and a fuss-free, round coffee table or curved couch. Not in the market for a total home refresh? Subtly introduce this trend into your home with small décor pieces, like an arched marble or stone bookend, unique round throw pillows, or a funky geometric vase.


Multifunctional Pieces

Last year introduced pieces that sacrificed neither form nor function. Now that designers have had time to perfect these dual-purpose creations, we’re seeing some funky and design-savvy additions to the multi-functional furniture front. From pet-friendly coffee tables to pieces with hidden storage, homes everywhere are starting to adopt furniture that can do it all. Perfect for small or sprawling spaces, this trend focuses on having less, not more, which can create a simplified, minimalist look in your abode.

Have a furry friend that likes to make appearances in and out of your furniture? Help them feel at home with a coffee table that features a hanging hammock built in underneath, or an entry bench with cutouts to their own little hideaway. Or perhaps, opt for a sideboard that’s also got built-in shelving for your coupe collection and cocktails. On the smaller scale, things like a cute candle-warming lamp or a C-shaped side table that serves as a workstation can help you get the best bang for your buck!


Hellenistic Revival

Ancient Greece called and it said it wants its Hellenistic-inspired interiors back… but we think it’s here to stay. Want to feel enlightened, relaxed, reminiscent, and powerful all at the same time? Then look no further than this elegant design trend. This concept is a subtle nod toward the textures and architecture seen in the Hellenistic period, which debuted around 323 B.C. With the love of all things ancient beginning to bloom in modern interiors, it was only a matter of time before the columns of ancient Rome and busts of old Athens began to make an appearance.

If you’d like to live life like the ancients did, opt for a column-shaped candle, a bust that doubles as a plant holder, or a handled vase next time you’re shopping for home décor. You can also DIY aged vessels and pottery from the thrift store to embrace this trend on a budget-friendly scale, or print out and frame digital downloads of your very own mosaic or fresco-style art to hang.


Eco-Friendly, Natural Textures

Who needs an expensive trip to the Mexican Riviera or Amazon Rainforest when you can just incorporate biophilic design into your space? The basic consensus for this interior idea is: if you can find the material out in the wild, it can go in your home! Materials, both refined and raw, like wool, cotton, bamboo, woven grass and fabrics, dried palms, clay, and stone can be found in these eco-friendly spaces.

Display your love of all things green with décor like a rustic, raw wooden entry bench, sustainably sourced solid wood and rattan furniture, hanging grass light fixtures, or a large palm plant. Accent walls featuring a lime-wash finish, thin wooden planks, or stone with “unfinished” grout are also gaining traction in the interior design space. Add the finishing touches with clay vases, hanging houseplants, and some stylish recycling bins. While the trend doesn’t explicitly lean towards coastal vibes, it’s hard not to feel like you’re lounging within a beach bungalow in Brazil or Bali when you’re inside a home that’s fully embraced these natural textures.


Modern Gothic Interiors

Is there magic in the air or is dark academia just here to stay and make itself at home in our spaces? Rich textures, moody color palettes, and ornate maximalism can make your home comfy and cozy. Gothic architecture is nothing new; in fact, it emerged around the 12th century, but modern decorators are making it their own with cool crown moldings, funky black tile, dark woods, and fun new shapes. Darker interiors can actually have a calming effect, so whether you decide to paint a few pieces black or hang a moody painting on the wall, this trend can easily be incorporated into any space.

You don’t have to go all out to adopt gothic vibes into your home! Just opt for a Victorian bedframe or sleek black nightstand set for an angsty ode to the design concept.  You can simply opt for black marble accents rather than white for a unique look, or go for an antique-looking, ornate gold mirror. Reach for contrasting materials, like soft velvet furniture and cold stone décor.


Unique Marble

No doubt, marble can bring an unmatched sense of luxury to your abode, whether it’s faux or authentic stone. With darker tones creeping into the design space this year, moodier marbles have stepped onto the scene as well. Hailing from Tuscany, Italy, Calacatta marble often features beautiful, contrasting tones. Dramatic grey and black marble and unique, larger veins have replaced the go-to subtle veins and shades of white that have graced homes for the last decade. From side tables to kitchen sinks, unique marbles have already made a name for themselves in the new year.

The real deal can get pricey quick, so home decorators and designers are finding quick fixes to turn their bland surfaces into something a little more luxe with affordable options. For example, DIY “marble” kits, or opting for a cheaper, faux marble material usually made from MDF covered with a realistic-looking faux marble laminate finish. Embrace marble mania with an affordable yet statement-making entry table or coffee table. Or you can adorn some of your shelves with sculptural marble pieces like taper candle holders or a decorative arch.


Luxe for Less

We’ve talked rich textures and we’ve discussed the marble craze, and all of these things have one theme in common: people are curating homes that look luxe but feel comfy and cozy. A luxe look can obviously be expensive, so creators, designers, and decorators have all found ways around purchasing a $2,000 marble coffee table or splurging on a $200 authentic antique vase. To create luxe for less, all you’ve got to do is be willing to put in a day’s work and purchase a few supplies!

Some DIY ideas on luxe looks for less are concrete bowls, aged vessels and planters, rustic benches, faux marble-topped tables, or antique-looking gold-framed mirrors. One of our favorite DIY hacks is an “aged” vessel. Pick up a vase with an antique-looking or unique silhouette. Make sure the surface is clean and ready to paint. We’ve found that starting with a black or neutral base works best with this hack, so you can paint it first with a black spray or chalk paint and wait for it to dry. Mix together paint swatches of grey, brown, and cream. Scrunch up a paper towel and get it damp. With the scrunched paper towel in your hand, dab it into the paint mixture, then lightly tap all over the vase until it’s reached your desired “aged” effect. Let it dry, and you’ve got yourself a seemingly priceless vessel for way, way less!


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