How to Style the Perfect Gender-Neutral Nursery

Are you waiting to be surprised by your baby’s gender and just can’t hold back on decorating your little angel’s nursery? Want to eliminate the stress of making sure the baby’s room fita certain moldDo you hate pink and blue and prefer neutralsThere’s a multitude of great reasons why gender-neutral design is trending, and we have all the tips and tricks on how to make the cutestmost stylish, gender-neutral nursery. We’ll show you how to get that versatile look with four, darling, how-to examples. You don’t have to be an interior designer to achieve these beautiful looks; simply trick your friends and family into thinking you hired one!   


Go for Yellows & Greens

These are classic gender-neutral colors. Use bedding in the crib or the furniture as your foundation. Trim the curtains in either a bright yellow flash or complement a pretty green wall color with accent colors such as creams, whites, or grays. You can even add a yellow-toned theme such as sunflowers, outer-space, or lions. Our favorite way to add green is with plants, so throw some greenery in the windowsill, on a shelf, or on top of a dresser. Just make sure it's away from little hands!  


Pair White with Light Wood 

If natural looks are your pick, scoop this one up! Whites, creams, and light woods make for a stunning baby space. Incorporate white furniture with wood accents or vice versa! A white crib would be so cute next to a wood shelf. This theme also incorporates any stuffed animal you like as the colors are a snap to match! Not to mention, you can always go eco-friendly with this choice by using natural woods. What a win-win. 


Grays are Here to Stay 

Don’t stress if you’re having trouble picking a theme or color palette. Grays are an easy, safe choice; even better, they are a trend that’s made to last. You can mix and match hues, stick with one specific swatch, or go with light and dark contrasting shades. Complementary colors include white, cream, light beige, and black. You could even style the grey around cute animals such as elephants, dolphins, or sheep!  


All About Browns 

Add a dark, rich accent piece or cover the whole room in deep browns. Curtains, picture frames, or wall murals are great options! Themes do very well with this brown look, such as trains, rain forests, or enchanted woodlands. Picture a cute jungle cruise setting for your baby to enjoy, or fairy tale-inspired creatures greeting them each morning. They could even set sail on a pirate ship to a mermaid cove. The choice is yours! So, if you like a versatile, endless option, then deep browns are the way to go to get that perfect, gender-neutral nursery atmosphere.