How to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But as much fun as this holiday season is, to say it’s completely stress-free would be a stretch. Especially when it comes to hosting parties. They’re loads of fun but you don’t want the workload to outweigh the reward so here are some of my tried and true ways of trimming the stress out of your end-of-year parties:

  • Buy in advance and buy in bulk. Depending on the nature of your party you’ll want to have extra supplies at home so you don’t need to worry about running out to grab last minute refills. Having more than enough on hand will put you and your guests at ease.
  • Do a buffet instead of a dinner spread. December is often a season of hustle and bustle but you don’t have to make gathering with your loved ones a hassle. Skip the elaborate dinner party that requires endless preparation and instead set up a simple buffet spread with easy to grab sweets like chocolate covered strawberries or peppermint cookies.
  • Leave the clean-up for later. The party should be about spending time with people and catching up—not polishing silverware. Set up a party with finger foods to avoid utensils and extra dishes. And when the party is over spot check your home for areas that need immediate clean up but then save the work for the next day.
  • Designate a chill out zone – a room other than the bathroom that will be separate from the party so that when you or one of your guests need a moment to breathe, they can do so uninterrupted. This is especially helpful when you’ve got parents with little ones attending or friends who are having a rough time this holiday season.

May all your Christmas’s be merry, bright and as stress-free as possible!