Tips for Writing a Personal Holiday Card

It’s that time of the year to send out an update and with so many holiday card ideas to pull from, all you need to do is decide what works well for your life and schedule this year. Do you have a lot of time on your hands and a creative bug? Consider making your own. Looking to save the planet? Find a great virtual greeting to cut back on paper waste. Want to amp up the personal touch? Do more than send a photo and write a thoughtful note. Which leads into another big question—what to write?

I don’t know about you but whenever I first think about sending a handwritten note my mind immediately goes blank. I have no idea what to say! But over the years I’ve gathered some mental tips that help get you past that little writer’s block that I wanted to share.

Express gratitude! If you’re taking the time to write someone a personal note, it’s safe to say that they’ve impacted your life. Go ahead and tell them how. No matter how big or small the influence, recognizing other’s efforts can be rewarding for them to hear.

Another thing I like to do—especially when my gratitude is too overwhelming for a 4 x 6 card, is take the time to recall a favorite memory. This is especially wonderful for grandparents or friends that live far way or you haven’t been in contact with for a while, because it doesn’t demand that you be up to date on all the ins and outs of each other’s lives. You can simply celebrate meaningful times you’ve already had together.

My final writing tip is for when you really don’t know what to say. Write down the highlights of your year! If you’re not very wordy you can write a bullet style list, but whatever format you choose your loved ones will enjoy hearing about the milestones and major changes in your life.

My last big holiday card tip: Make a spreadsheet! Whether you’re sending virtual or physical cards it helps to organize and list out everyone you plan on giving one two. Plus, there are a lot of services that allow you to upload the sheet so you don’t have to worry about handwriting addresses.

I hope you find something that works for you! Happy Holidays!