3 Creative DIY Ornaments: A How-To Guide

Decorating a tree is perhaps the best part of Christmas! Whether you do so in the comfort of your own apartment or together with the whole family, there’s no denying the warm, sparkling delight each ornament brings home. Imagine the wonder—and the memories—you can make with a few dazzling DIY ornaments. We’ll take you through three, unique designs that are a breeze to complete. So, rev up those holiday spirits and get your creative working-elf gloves on; it’s time to turn your home into a mini ornament designing station.   

Decorative Pine Cones – Whether you want them frosted and snowy, or simple and woody, we’ve got some tips for you!
  • Twine or Hemp rope make charming holders
  • A hot glue gun can help anchor rope or ribbon to the pine cone body
  • For a snowy look, fake snow can be found at your local craft store. White sugar also does the trick.
  • To keep fake snow nice and snug on the pine cone, spray the cone in hairspray or a clear glue-spray. Roll the pine cone in your desired material: fake snow, sugar, glitter, etc. or drizzle it over the cone.
  • Go full glam and spray paint the cones a metallic gold or chrome silver
  • Use these tips for a long pine cone garland, or for simple, single unit ornaments.
  • Play with the hanging length and watch how fun these little pieces cane be!


Paint an Ornament: - Already have some extra, older ornaments lying around? Let your imagination shine and see how unique and wild you can make-over those pieces! Keep them winter themed, holiday themed, or explore whatever the art muses whisper in your eager ears. Get to painting with these tips.

    • Make sure you have a mess-ready space. Protect your area with old sheets or plenty of newspapers and paper towels.
    • Determine whether your ornament of choice is glass or plastic
    • Select paints that go on glass or plastic. These are available at local craft stores.
    • Bring home a variety of paintbrush sizes; you’ll never know how simple or intricate it’ll turn out until you start
    • Use a reference photo for inspiration
    • For finer details, use the pointy end of a paintbrush handle or use toothpicks
    • Add some glitter if you like!
    • Tie on ribbons for extra flare
    • Safeguard your tiny canvas with a clear, varnish finish. Simply paint a thin coat of the varnish over the ornament and the new paint job is safe from peels and scratches
    • Enjoy your new look…or even sell them on Etsy!


    Recycled Cloth Tree: Looking for an eco-friendly option? Grab a stick from the yard or local park and some old fabrics lying around the house. This can be done with any thick textiles!

    •  Clean the stick with a cleaning wet-wipe to keep those outside germs at bay
    • To forgo the first step, fake twigs are sold at local craft stores
    • Cut your fabric of choice into horizontal strips, about 2-3 inches tall
    • Cut the fabric at differing lengths from longest to shortest
    • The longer fabric will start at the bottom of the stick. This will make the Christmas tree silhouette
    • Collect any bobbles, fake gems, or trinkets to use as the star for the top of your tree. Anything will do!
    • Use hairspray to help keep the bows stiff and in place
    • Add glitter or keep it simple
    • Tie on a holder or use a hot glue gun to make a loop