How to Prep A Mudroom for the Winter and Holiday Months

Winter is here and with it comes a mess! Wet leaves, dirty snow, and winter sludge are some of the worries we’ll all face. But you don’t have to bring those little troubles into your home. And your kids won’t either! We’ve got some nifty tricks and how-to’s to help you and your family keep the mudroom mud-free this busy season.  

  • See what type of storage furniture you have. Different types offer different solutions. For example, with a hall tree you won’t need an additional coat rack. And you can always pop on more command hooks if you need more hanging space.  

  • To keep items dry, make sure you organize enough storage space to provide them ample breathing room. Wet fabrics struggle if they all squished together. 

  • Sort through your summer vs winter gear. Put the summer goods into storage and bring out the boots, hats, and gloves. 

  • Have your hall tree, table, or bench snow or storm ready! When you hurry out the door, the last thing you want is to forget an umbrella, or your warmest coat.  

  • To keep floors clean we recommend using a washable mat beneath your shoe racks. This will keep your floors protected from moisture/ melting snow. And the matt will be so easy to clean! 

  • If you’re worried about the mudroom getting just too muddy, pop an outdoor and indoor mini welcome matt pair by the door. Scoot your boots along those rugs to keep them dirty, but your home clean. 

  • If the mudroom seems chilled, use a door protector. These can be found at any grocery store and are easy to slide under the door. They’ll keep your warm air inside, the frosty air outside, and your home so very cozy 

  • If you’re feeling festive, treat yourself to a mini decoration session and see how fun your mudroom can be! Even something as simple as red bows goes a long way.  

  • Worried about those precious puppy paws getting filthy? Make a pet station corner with towels/ outdoor blankets that are ready to clean your adventurous pooch’s twinkle toes. Consider adding a weatherproof canine bed in the pet station to provide your darling pupper with a comfy place to get dry and mud-free. Give them a snack after each clean-up and soon your doggo will know that the station is his happy post-outdoor spot.  

  • Keep a box of cleaning supplies in a secure area. A canvas bin, wicker basket, or closed box will do just so long as it stays out of reach from children and pets.