Color of the Year: How to Showcase 2020’s Classic Blue Craze

Classic Blue: What is it? 

It’s the color of the year, the hue of the new decade, a jewel tone fusion of dreams. It’s classic blue and it’s here to say, “happy new year!” Picture a bold blue. This color will be everywhere: clothing, art, wallpaper, furniture, you name it. So, of course you’ll need it in your life too.  

We’ll take you through an easy step-by-step how-to-guide for navigating all the interior wonders you can make in your own space with this stunning shade. So, get your home-makeover vibes on and dive into the wonderful world of classic blue 

Classic Blue, how to pop that look anywhere: 

The full classic blue deluge: 

Imagine dipping an entire room into a glossy pool of classic blueTalk about calming! Monochrome looks are trending in 2020, so why not try it out? Grab some spray paint (furniture grade) to ensure all the blue shades matchIf you don’t mind an array of ocean shades, just hurry over to a craft store and scoop up as many cerulean items you can spy and arrange them however you like!  

A single, mini, classic blue pop:  

Not a fan of an entire blue splash? Use just a sprinkle of this cute shade. Grab a lamp, accent table, vase, you name it! All you need it a single item that will breathe classic blue’s fresh aura into your room. Highlight a clock on your wall, a chair in the office, or a vase on your entryway table.  

Use a classic blue accent piece: 

Fall somewhere in between a full blue look or just a bit of a blue delight? Consider going for classic blue accent pieces to fill a room, without overwhelming the other already existing stylesTry out a tablecloth, some throw pillows, a rug, or a few picture frames! But don’t wait for us to tell you where and how to decorate this lovely shade. Incorporate as much or as little of the color as however you like! 


Which colors go best with this 2020 swatch?

  • Pastels 
  • Whites 
  • Corals 
  • Golds/Rose golds 
  • Light wood