6 Tips to Make Your Office Happier and More Productive


If your new years goal is to improve your career, you are going to need some serious motivation. The way an office space looks and feels can totally change how your feel about your work. Keep scrolling for a few ideas to help you make your home office feel a little happier!


 1. Maximize your space 

Sure, that big, executive desk looks beautiful, but if you try and cram it into the small spare bedroom of the house, you are not going to feel as clean and organized. Choose a desk that fits your style, space, and will help you get the job done.   

Also pick a space separate from everyday activities. You don’t want to bring the negative energy from a project youre are frustrated about into your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Leave those rooms for things that make you extra happy and don’t ruin them by being reminded of all the work you aren’t getting done when you are watching your favorite TV show or baking a special treat.  

2. Add some color 

White and grey is not a motivating color scheme for most people. Choose a color scheme that brightens the work space, makes you feel happy, and is easy to incorporate. For example, pick up a bright green stapler, colorful paper clips, or change the background on your computer to a bright, fun image.  

3. Decorate! 

Add some photos of happier times that you can look at when you are feeling stressed out. Find some motivational quotes for when a project is dragging. Purchase some small reminders of your favorite TV show, movie, or book.  

4. Create a comfortable space 

Find a comfortable chair that you can sit in for a longer period of time but won’t cause you to fall asleep. Adjust the temperature to keep you awake and not uncomfortable. Light a candle or fill a diffuser with your favorite sent for happy memories. Adjust your computer screen to a comfortable height so your neck is not sore at the end of the day. Your eyes should be level with the top of the screen 

5. Find your organization style  

Find ways to organize documents, cables, and supplies that fit your work flow. Maybe this includes lots of folders, colored tape, or a desk with a hutch. Everyone is different, and if you don’t know your style, try a few different things to see what makes you feel best. 

Pick a planner that will help you remember important due dates and events. Set it on your desk or in a nearby bookcase to keep your schedule in close reach. 

 6. Add some greenery 

Plants are known mood boosters. If you don’t believe us, check out our blog post about why you should incorporate them into your home. Plus, they will motivate you to visit the office every now and then to keep them in good health. 

Do you have any other ideas for making your office a happy, comfortable place? Comment below!