3 Ways to Use Your Hutch

It’s a new year and a new decade, which means it’s the perfect time to hit refresh as you dive into new adventures. Maybe you’ve got resolutions, a theme word, or a dedication to create improved life rhythms. Whichever way you’re guiding your growth, here’s a tip for when you need a change of pace: create a new environment! We don’t mean a major move, just a little update to your room layouts or how you use your furniture, because the smallest of tweaks can quickly capture a new vision and flow for your life.  

And the best part? No DIY necessary. It’s fun getting your hands dirty but sometimes the hustle and bustle of day to day life leaves little time for sanding, painting, or bargain hunting. Keep it easy and re-purpose what you already have around by styling it in a new way. Let’s use the new Hampton Hutch as an example of the many different ways you can use the same piece!

Linen Cabinet 

At first glance you may think this hutch looks ideal for books—which it is—but it also functions wonderfully as a linen cabinet. Place it near a bathroom or in a guest room and stock it with rolled towels, baskets full of scented lotions, and other wash room essentials. 

Media Tower 

Gather all your media goodies together to create a geek-chic looking media towerWho knew this hutch could have such a sophisticated masculine vibe? If you’re itching to try something new: go for it! Be playful with your design. Ultimately, even if a piece of furniture has an industrial or modern design, it doesn’t mean you have to style it that way. 

Kitchen Hutch 

Add some extra storage to your kitchen with this bookmatch cabinet. This shelving unit is a wonderful solution for small space living because it provides so much extra storage. Go crazy and dedicate a shelf to your morning beverages and another to your evening cocktails! You can also keep things practical by stacking your daily dishes and cookbooks in a way that works for you. 


Here are some other creative ways of using furniture: 

  • Bar cart as a plant stand 
  • Writing desk and oversized mirror as a vanity station  
  • A kitchen table as an oversized desk 
  • Outdoor patio furniture as indoor furniture 

Whichever way you and your furniture settle into the new year, we hope it brings a lot of wonderful—and aesthetically pleasing—things your way!