Eco-Friendly Resolutions: How to Transform Your Home into an Earth-Friendly Haven

Ready to hop aboard the earth-friendly trends of 2020? We’ll show you how to incorporate eco-friendly items, tips and tricks, and other goodies into your living space. Green living isn’t just for millionaires or millennials. We all can lift the strain on our precious planet, one step at a time. Let’s see where to start!  

Sustainable organization tips and tricks:

Toilet paper rolls. Sound odd? No worries, we’ll show you how to make them cutePaint the cardboard rolls any color you like or leave them as-is. Then arrange them vertically in shoebox so that the opening faces upwardYou now have a cute little storage unit for office supplies! Tuck in those pens, pencils, scissors and ever lose track of USB cords or headphones! 

Use glass jars or reusable containers to avoid plastic baggies or unnecessary plasticMason jars are a great way to organize the kitchen or bathroom! Glass containers provide a plastic-less option to help your home mitigate plastic waste 

Rattan or wicker storage bins are a lovely eco-friendly option for home organization! Rattan is an easily renewable resource so don’t feel guilty snatching up a pile of baskets from your local craft store. Take a look at these other eco-friendly materials. You’d be surprised how many furniture items can go green! 

Furniture materials that are eco-friendly:  

  • Rattan 
  • Acacia Wood 
  • Solid wood (pine)  
  • Bamboo  
  • Recycled steel 

(P.S. You can find lots of furniture made of these materials at Walker Edison. *wink wink*)


Do you have any other tips for making your home more eco-friendly? Leave a comment and let us know!