6 Interesting Ways to Display your Gingerbread House

Take your favorite annual holiday project to the next level by putting a little more thought into how you display it. Gingerbread houses are such a great tradition, and I always have so much fun with my family competing for the best decorations. But afterwards, the cute house goes to waste on the little piece of cardboard I set it up on. This year I decided to seek the best ways to showcase my gingerbread house that will really complement the rest of my holiday decorations.  

Jar — Protect your gingerbread house from little fingers or dust in a large jar. If you can’t find one large enough, look around for a fishbowl. The glass will make your creation look like a magical, Christmas snow globe.  

Tree Bark Slice — If natural boho is your aesthetic, display your house on top of a trunk slice. These are also often used as cake stands, so they are easy to find on Amazon.  

Cake stand — Add a whimsical or traditional element to your gingerbread house using a cake stand. Depending on your Christmas theme, you can find or create cake stands for every style.  

Old Books — Place your gingerbread house on some larger old books for a mid-century feel. Cut out a piece of wax paper smaller than the book, but larger than the gingerbread house, so you don’t ruin your books.  

In Greenery — Another way to showcase your natural inclination, adding greenery to your gingerbread house is always a good idea. We suggest you just use a regular cookie pan and then add the greenery you think will match the best. Then, set the house on top.  

Serving Tray — Another traditional option, a serving tray is a great way to display your gingerbread house safely and in festive style.  

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