Interior Paint Color Trends to Try this Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and with its cool breeze coming your way, why not welcome in some new styles to your home? Not only does it offer a fun way to rejuvenate your space, but also doubles as a great project to refresh your atmosphere after a long summer of quarantine. But what are the latest looks these days? Which colors will you need to really nail it? Don’t stress, because we have all the details ready for you. Picture a bouquet of muted pastels dipping their toes into a deep, jewel-tone palette. The shades are still vibrant, but a bit calmer than their lively springtime counterparts. So, don’t worry about losing any pops of color. Instead, get ready for a color face-lift. Let’s get into all the trending options!    

Which Colors are Hot?

  • Maroon
  • Cream
  • Navy Blue
  • Golden Yellow
  • Olive Green
  • Light Pink/Blush
  • Orange/Pink Blend

How to Incorporate These Shades

There’s a myriad of ways you can welcome all these cool new shades into your home. Grab a couch cover or a new sofa. Try making-over a sideboard or credenza with your own eye for sparkle and get a whole new furniture addition, or just add some vibrant accents here and there. Try out a fresh accent table, kitchen chair, or sofa console table. If furniture isn’t in your budget, consider other easy options!

Painting walls is always a win and what better way to revamp an entire room than by changing the walls? If painting isn’t your thing, consider wall paper. Fun patterns and shapes are all the rage for fall fashion. Even mix and match some of the hot shades for an extra popular vibe. Olive green and pink would be a hit, as would navy blues and creams.  

Unique ways to Implement New Hues

We’ve talked about gallery walls and basket walls. Why not try out these fun trends and incorporate those fall colors with a familiar face? You can go big or you can go small. It’s all in the details. If you’ve never heard of a table scape then this is the time to discover the wonderful world of centerpieces.

Utilize your creativity and construct a fanciful show-stopper, a simple tabletop flourish, or a colorful table runner. Theme it around your favorite interior design styles: a farmhouse look, a coastal vibe, or a glam aura are all easy options to start with. Picture a chic bowl sprinkled with silk flowers or perfectly staged fruits; is that a renaissance feast on your table or just your new centerpiece?

 Bring home large posters and paintings featuring a new fall shade, or simply purchase a picture frame that highlights one of the new colors. Other ways you can add in touches of new colors include: lamps, chairs, accent tables, a vase, or throw pillows. Your looks can be bold or subtle, it’s up to you! We’ll link some of our tips of decorating below to help you narrow down your options. No matter how you want to revamp your space, these fall colors will still be ‘you’.  

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