How to Throw A Social Distanced, COVID-Safe Picnic

How do you have a picnic during COVID? Great question. Luckily, we have an answer that offers a safe solution. You don’t have to sacrifice visiting with friends and family or missing out on summer BBQs—instead, simply reinvent the way you host picnics and summer soirées. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Keeping a Safe Distance 

Location, location, location. With clean air and elbow room being must haves, places like public parks or nature reserves are great spots for a COVID picnic. Check with your local government, but you often won’t need to worry about permits or other bothersome restrictionsWherever you choose to party be sure to find a location that provides plenty of space for social distancing that also leaves enough room for other groups that might unexpectedly show up at that same place 

It’s true you miss your friends. All you want is to give each other a high-five or a big hug; but that will have to wait. Instead of getting up close and putting loved ones at risk, place your best picnic chairs at a safe distance to help keep everyone protected. If chairs aren’t your style, consider using picnic blankets or even supporting your local outdoor gear store and try out hammocking. Just make sure your blankets, hammocks, or picnic chairs stay at least six feet apart so that everyone can enjoy gathering and stay healthy. And don’t forget your mask! 

Mask Up 

Masks are the best way to keep you and your friends safe during social COVID gatherings. But what about when you want to enjoy a summer drink or bite into that juicy burger? What’s a picnic without food anyways? Well, if you and your pals maintain a safe distance, masks can be removed while you all dive into that scrumptious summer feast. Plus, you can still swap stories and raise a glass together in a fun, imaginary toast. The distance you keep doesn’t need to be detrimental to your social hour     

What to Eat and Drink? 

What’s safe to eat during COVID? As long as you’re practicing safe hygiene and social distancing, your usual summer goodies are still good to go. But we do have some fun suggestions that could make your COVID picnic a hit! Try out a new recipe with vitamin and nutrient rich foods to keep your body in fabulous condition. For example, use pineapple as a fresh, summer smoothie or rely on classic lemonade to quench your thirst. Try making a chic, garlic butter baguette or turmeric-sprinkled, sautéed mushrooms. The list of healthy possibilities is endless! To help keep germs at bay have guests bring their own meals, eco-friendly silverware, and drinks so you don’t cross contaminate. And afterwards, be sure to have some wet wipes, napkins, and hand sanitizer available to help everyone clean up. 

Who says you can’t have a safe picnic in 2020? If you keep in mind these simple suggestions, you’re sure to have a grand and responsible time gathering with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. Summer is just getting started.