Tips on how to decorate a bed

On average a person spends a third of their life sleeping, but a bed isn’t just a cushion that catches you at the end of a long day. They’re also the centerpiece of the room. And considering ways to decorate your bed can not only elevate a room’s aura but it can also be a way to refresh an aspect of your own life. Decorating a bed may seem like a no-brainer, but taking the time to consider the many ways you can make it pop will open up numerous doors of styling options. Below are a few suggestions that you can easily tailor to your own tastes and lifestyle. 


Adding Accent Pillows 

Sink into luxury when you approach bed design with accent pillows. Combining a variety of sizes, textures, and shapes can help create the environment you’re chasing, whether that’s a beachside retreat or an opulent maximalist approach. Accents add a lot of character, typically at a lower price, and can easily be swapped out when you need a change so they’re a wonderful way to amp up the profile of your bed. In general, we suggest adding an odd number of decorative pillows, to nail a wabi sabi look and feel rather than an impersonal hotel bed.  


Covers and Throws 

Increasing the style and comfort of your bed can be achieved in one fell swoop when you add some throws into the mix. Soft blankets keep you cozy while simultaneously creating a sophisticated ambience. Try adding a blanket in a neutral color that’s made of natural fibers to start things off. Its muted presence doesn’t go unnoticed and using a throw like that is an elegant upgrade from the fuzzy blankets you had as a teenager.  



A headboard is an effortless way to add a dynamic visual element, so you don’t have to worry about any extra frills in order to nail a knockout impression. A tufted headboard adds elegance to traditional or glam style bedrooms while something like the Sienna Queen Bed blends well with modern and eclectic designs. An eye-catching headboard can do a lot for a space, meaning you won’t have to stress out over how to style the rest of the room.  


Minimal approach 

You don’t have to pull out all the stops to make your bed a great focal point, sometimes scaling things back is the best approach. Less can certainly be more, and due to the sheer size of beds, a simple spread can still be the star of the show. Even if you choose to take a maximalist design approach for the rest of the room, having a minimalist bed set up will add some visual balance and provide the eyes—and the body—a place to rest.  


If you find yourself spending more time at home, taking the time to make your bed look like a dream when you’re awake will help your space maintain its appeal. Utilizing one or a combination of these tips are broad ways you can achieve the look you want.  How do you do to make your bed a focal point? Leave us a comment with your tips on bed design!