Relax with Boho Home Decor

With so much change, uncertainty, and stress in life, having a home that you can relax in at the end of the day is super important. Adding some boho vibes can create a chill atmosphere to help you make time for yourself. After all, with all the comfy, cozy decor that comes with the global style, you’ll never want to leave again!  

Incorporate lots of rugs, pillows, and blankets 

You can use the soft textiles in traditional ways to keep a carefree tone or try unique ideas. Try layering rugs on the floor for more pattern or color. If you don’t have a headboard in your bedroom, hang a quilt behind your bed to frame your pillows in a sophisticated way. And you can never have enough accent pillows scattered on the floor, chairs, and your couch 

Play with color and pattern 

Add wall hangings with different textures and colors, like macramé pieces. If you are feeling overwhelmed, choose patterns that carry a similar thread of color. Add some wicker furniture or keep to light colored woods. All of these different tones will come together to create a dreamy atmosphere.  

Mix influences from around the world 

The boho interior style is known for its inclusion of many different cultures and patterns from around the world. Don’t be afraid to mix art that you’ve found online, at thrift shops, or on your many adventuresAlthough you might not be trekking the world, the global vibes will satisfy your need for travel…for now.  

Showcase your green thumb 

Not only do plants have great health benefits, they also add a natural look to any room. Find some greenery that matches your skill level and room. If you have a darker room without lots of natural light, try a philodendron, a Boston fern, or English ivy.  

Choose soft lighting that calms 

Hang string lights, a wicker or wood chandelier, or just open the windows for some natural lighting. Even better, check out the local thrift or vintage shop for some cool lamps that will brighten the room and add some color or unique shapes.   

Soft textures, a mix of colors, greenery, and unique items scattered through every room add that trendy, natural vibe you’re searching for. And even if you only add a few of the boho elements, your home will feel cozier for you and any guest that walks through the door.