Keep it Comfy: 4 Tips to Cozy Up Your Home

Are you looking to turn up the volume of comfort in your home? If you find that you’re spending more time at your place than you ever have before and want to elevate its rejuvenation power, there are some simple things you can do to make sure your space acts as a refuge rather than a sink hole of stuff. Here are a few ways to amplify the cozy in your space: 

1. Enjoy your collections 

Whether it’s rereading favorites from your personal library or sifting through vintage postcards collected during travels, take advantage of your souvenirs and mementos. If you’ve made a point to gather something throughout your life now is the time to revel in your haul. Collectibles are an instant source of joy and comfort that easily individualize your space. 

2. Mindfully eat 

Elevate your home’s ambiance by setting up a fancy table spread with a cloth napkin or lighting some candles for dinner. Take time to bake. The smell of homemade bread or sweet delights wafting through your home will add in a fresh and warm element. Taking care to eat more than snacks from bed will help create a refreshing environment. 

3. Soft things 

Increasing the comfort of your space can easily be done by increasing the amount of soft materials. Gather up your throw blankets, invest in a velvety soft accent pillow, or buy that loungewear you’ve been eyeing. Whichever way you choose to incorporate plush fabrics it’s a simple way to cozy up a space. 

4. Rearrange your room 

Maybe you’ve noticed in your time at home that the flow of your space isn’t working well for you now—rearrange your furniture! Remove what you don’t need and add in pieces that you’ve realized you need like accent seating or bookshelves. Make sure your furniture works for you and your lifestyle. 

Your space should help you destress from whatever else you’ve got going on in your life. Utilize one or all of these helpful tips to keep your home at the maximum comfort level.