Floral Arrangements

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fun flower arrangements to brighten your bedroom, living room, and dining area. Save some money by creating your own beautiful bouquets to display in every room with the help of our handy guide 


First, take some steps to make sure your flowers last.  

Cut stems at an angle so the flowers have more surface area to absorb water and the open stem is not blocked from water resting on the bottom of the vase. Remove leaves that fall below water. When they become old, they add to the bacteria that will make your flowers die faster.  

Put your refreshed flowers in lukewarm water as soon as possible. Re-cut the stems regularly and replace the water every day.  


Arrangement time! 

Add larger flowers first and arrange smaller ones around them. Include flowers of different shapes, sizes, and stem lengths. If youre a beginner, focus on making one side look perfect rather than a 360 view. Most people will only see one side when its placed on a shelf or entry table anyway.  

If you’re struggling to keep flowers in place, try using floral tape. Make a grid on top of the vase to hold the stems right where you’d like them without having to tape them together. Use wire to support flowers with heavier heads so they can stand up straight longer 


Strive for balance over symmetry.  

It’s impossible to gain perfect symmetry because no two flowers are the same. Balance your arrangement with similar sized flowers, even if they are different types. 

Go crazy with color, try a monochromatic theme, or keep a similar color palette throughout the whole bunch to showcase your personality and style taste 

Finishing Up 

Place the greenery last. Drape it over the vase’s rim and mix into any open space to get a full, gorgeous look.  

Save any extra breakage from the greenery or little buds for smaller arrangements throughout the house. If you’re looking for something a little different, get creative with a vase. Use empty cans, tea cups, bottles, or even rainboots.  

If in doubt, use a succulent as your centerpiece! They last forever and take little arranging.