Interior Design Trends for 2022

2021 was all about comfort, casual spaces, and cozy interiors. As we step into 2022, the practices of self-care, prioritizing mental health, and comfort being key are here to stay. Yummy textures you can sink into, warm-toned kitchens you want to spend all your time in, and sustainable interiors you can feel good about are in our crystal ball for 2022. Integrate these six trending interior styles into your home for the comfiest, yet chicest space this year. 

Warm-Toned Kitchens 

With the surge of the idyllic cottage-core aesthetic, warm-toned kitchens are making a modern comeback. With the last year pushing the couch potatoes and work-from-homers of yesteryear to spend more time outside, decorators have been welcoming the essence of the outdoors in their spaces. Warm tones and raw textures that evoke a romantic ambiance and subtle ode to nature are making themselves at home, especially in the kitchen.  

Adapt this trend in the heart of your home by utilizing lots of woodsthink acacia, bamboo, olive, and mango wood utensils, cutting boards, and drawer organizers. The cottage-inspired kitchen also uses less artificial overhead and recessed lighting and gravitates toward natural light; so, keep your blinds drawn and light a candle or two to embrace a warm, moody ambiance.  

Unique Textures 

Last year saw clothing, accessories, and interiors expressing themselves through unique materials, and it looks like 2022 will continue to see textures take center stage. Hard materials like clay, plaster, lime wash, stone, and wood are making a debut in contemporary casas, while textured fabrics like sherpa, bouclé, and waffle weaves can be found on everything from loveseats to bathroom towels.  

Want to introduce your interior to this tactile trend? DIY a stoneware vase or lamp base with clay or textured spray paint for a nearly effortless and expensive-looking piece of décor. Layer several raw-edge wood cutting boards atop your kitchen counter. Opt for a fuzzy statement piece in your living room, like a bouclé ottoman or sherpa throw to embrace elements of hygge in your home.  

Sustainably Stylish Interiors 

Consumers are shopping more mindfully than ever, and it’s beginning to show in this year’s trending interior styles. Decorators are using eco-friendly, reclaimed materials sourced at places like markets, swap meets, and secondhand shops. Handcrafted artisanry is making a debut in modern interiors, which supports both emerging trends and small businesses. Thrifting has never been so cool, as eco-conscious interiors allow you to score décor and furniture that are truly one-of-a-kind finds.  

Pick up some vintage statement pieces, like mirrors, lamps, artwork, and even furniture at your local thrift spot to make your space feel homey, effortlessly lived-in, and put together. With secondhand and vintage items rising in popularity, ornate detail has become trendy in contemporary spaces as well. Balance your love for old-school charm with modern design and pair a gold, Victorian-style mirror with a minimalist entry console, or a retro, Gatsby-style lamp with a simple, elegant catch-all tray on your nightstand.  

Going Green 

Bright, bold colors have been predicted to emerge in this year’s households, and green is no exception. Decorators are using every shade of shamrock, sage, emerald, and pistachio to lend some vitality to interiors. Green accent walls, cabinetry, tiles, fabrics, and household décor lend a trendy yet tranquil twist on spaces that have been predominately neutral for the last several years.  

Tiles and décor aren’t the only thing going green; houseplants are lending their leafy goodness to the biophilic trend. The perfect ode to the outdoors, houseplants have been proven to boost your mood, quality of life, and interior style. Flock your bookshelves, floating shelves, TV console, and kitchen counter with houseplants that suit your personality. Some of the most popular indoor greens are pothos, monstera, air plants, and philodendron.  

Coastal-Inspired Spaces 

Who doesn’t love the serenity that a beachside retreat brings? Color schemes, textures, and materials that are often found in coastal-inspired homes have made their way to the mainstream as more decorators are implementing their take on a beachside bungalow. 

Light woods, rattan and woven textures, and breezy fabrics are a great way to make your home feel like a serene summer ‘scape all year-round. Feature raw wood materials in your kitchen, linen fabrics in your bedroom, and white and tan stoneware décor in your living room. Take the coastal aesthetic a step further and place a beachy print in a secondhand, vintage frame to nail several of this year’s trends in your home.  

Multi-Functional Furniture 

If the last several years have taught us anything, it’s that home should be a haven. What’s more heavenly than an ultra-functional space? Bedside storage, TV consoles, and coffee tables alike have gotten major makeovers within the furniture industry to cater to functionality without sacrificing style. In 2022, we predict that we’ll see furniture pieces featuring additional storage space, seemingly minimal pieces with hidden compartments, and modern, multi-functional units.  

Next time you’re furniture shopping, keep an eye out for pieces that could be integrated into your everyday routine to make life just a bit easier. A nightstand with a built-in USB charger, perhaps? An entryway bench that hides your pet’s litterbox? Or maybe a lift-top desk or coffee table to hide away clutter in your small space. 


Which of these interior styles will you incorporate into your home or apartment this year? Tag us on Instagram @walkeredisonco to show us your take on 2022’s top decor trends!