8 Ways to Organize Your Home This Year

Drawers, pantries, and closets, oh my! Every new year, people set goals to be more organized. However, trying to figure out how to keep your home neat and tidy can feel overwhelming. We’ve collected eight ways to organize personal belongings and everyday essentials to create a relaxing sanctuary.

1. Declutter

Sift through your belongings and get rid of items you don’t use or need. Clearing out the clutter not only opens up your home, but it will also help you understand what is left to organize. Scan through your closets to collect clothing and toys that you can sell or donate. Inspect your pantry and cupboards for produce that has expired. Thumb through your stacks of paper for junk mail, receipts, and other documents to keep or shred. For items that are still functional and in good shape, secondhand stores or charity shops will welcome those goods with open arms.

2. A Drawer Divided

Don’t let disorganized drawers disrupt day-to-day tasks and cramp your style. Whether the drawers are in the bedroom or kitchen, drawer dividers are an excellent way to keep your kitchenware or undergarments in the right place. You can purchase adjustable drawer dividers that fit your needs, or you can head on over to your local hardware store and make your own out of poplar craft board.

3. Levitated and Elevated

In homes where square footage is scarce, having lamps or bookshelves that rest on the floor can make a room feel crammed. Carefully incorporating pieces that “float” will free up floor space and instantly make the room less crowded. Use floating shelves in lieu of large bookcases or hutches. Wall sconces add light into the room and are a trendy, small-space-friendly alternative to lamps. Our 24” Fluted Wall Mount Desk offers a functional workspace with a drop-down door that can be closed for a decluttered, tucked-away look. If your bar cart or buffet table is congesting your kitchen, this Stanton Wall Mounted Wine Bottle and Stemware Rack makes it possible to host dinner parties without having to invade on your dining space.

4. Behind Closed Doors

The secret’s out—the backs of your cabinet and closet doors provide valuable opportunities for extra organization. If you feel that your pantry has been overpowered with canned goods, consider using an over-the-door hanging organizer. Whether you are sorting shoes, towels, or snacks, you can find a wide variety of over-the-door organizers that fit your specific needs. Looking to utilize the back of your cabinets but need something simple? Command hooks are an inexpensive yet effective way to hang your toilet brushes and dusters in a convenient spot.

5. Your Corner of the World

Utilizing the corners of the room immediately creates an open and breathable appearance. With furniture stores adapting to small-space living, it’s never been easier to find furnishings designed to fit in a corner. Create an organized home office with a modern desk that easily slides into the corner of your office. This corner bookshelf is the perfect piece to start your dream library without having to sacrifice more square footage.

6. The Transparent Triple Threat

Storing dried goods in clear Mason jars is a classic organization method that makes it easy to keep track of when you are running low on your favorite cereal. Mason jars can be purchased in bulk at grocery or craft stores, but you can also start your own collection of glass jars overtime. Reusing glass jars to organize your pantry is the ultimate triple threat—keep your food fresh and safe from critters, cut back on waste, and create a stunning pantry that your hungry little ones will be excited to dig through. For extra organization, label the jars with a permanent marker or make your own labels with a label printer.

7. Category Is… Clothing!

Organizing your closet by color or occasion can be the key to cutting stress and saving time in the morning. You can find a cohesive outfit in a snap when your closet is easy on the eyes. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to organize your closet exclusively by color or arrange your clothing by occasion.

For those wanting to sort their closet by color, you may find it helpful to organize in rainbow order. If you have a more neutral wardrobe, organize your clothing by shades. To organize by occasion, we recommend grouping your clothing by type, such as tank tops, tops, pants, skirts, etc. Arrange each group to start with the most casual clothing item and end with the most formal.

8. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

When you feel as though you’ve used up every square inch of space, consider purchasing a set of bed risers. These innovative objects will raise your bed, increasing the amount of space beneath. An extra several inches of height may be the perfect amount of additional storage space you’ve been looking for. Space underneath your bed is an excellent designated spot for less frequently used items such as seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, and suitcases.

Which organization hacks are you going to try this year? Show us how you are keeping your home nice and tidy by tagging Walker Edison on social media