Winter Decor Ideas for Everyone

The last months of each year are packed with religious or cultural holidays that have a strong influence on popular decorations. For those of us who do not celebrate them or prefer one set of decorations that will last well into January, a broader seasonal approach will be just the thing. Here are six non-denominational winter decor ideas for anyone who wants to show their enthusiasm for the chilly season.


Winter Colors

When choosing a color palette for these seasonal decorations, nature's cool hues are our muse. Plush white blankets pile high like snowy slopes. Deep brown pinecones and decorative tree branches ground our centerpieces and table accents in rich earthiness. Light blue pillar candles as bright as the winter sky sit atop a navy table runner as deep as a frozen lake. Silver mercury glass vases and clear acrylic vase fillers invoke a glittering frost, and rich green wreaths and mantle garlands tie in the steadfast evergreen that persist even through the cold season.


Plush Textiles

Using the aforementioned color palette as inspiration, fabric textures are a great way to make our spaces feel rich and cozy without being overwhelming. Sink your toes into a long-piled fur rug or snuggle up under a chunky cable knit blanket. A tufted velvet ottoman or silk dupioni drapes add dimension and luxury. Classically patterned fabrics like plaid or herringbone tweed turn placemats or throw pillows into accessories of their own. Click here to learn about more cozy fabrics and how to use them.



Pinecones are shed from conifer trees in the lingering warmth of autumn, and they can be found sprinkling the ground from September to December. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit your taste, from the slender and dense spruce cones to the flared and woody ponderosa pinecones. Applications are practically endless. Craft a woody wreath, or use them to accent a wintry door swag. Artfully arrange them in a bowl or hurricane candle holder to spruce up your tablescape. Gild your pinecones by spray painting them in gold or dipping the edges in silver, or even bleach them in a diluted solution to lighten their color palette.


Snow and Ice

Winter's chilling weather spectacles can be enjoyed from the comfort of your warm home. Hang larger-than-life snowflakes from the ceiling, choose throw pillows adorned with snowflake appliques, or weave a snowball garland into a mantle display. Capture that winter chill with clear acrylic icicles or glittery, frosted tree branches. Many snow and ice-themed decorations can be DIY activities, like paper snowflakes, yarn or Styrofoam snowballs and snowmen, or a glowing winter wonderland windowsill display.


Winter-blooming Flowers

Winter decor need not be devoid of fresh life with the help of flowering indoor plants. Winter-blooming flowers come in dozens of colors, varieties, and care requirements. Tall stems of paperwhites are topped with clusters of small, fragrant, white daffodil-shaped bursts. The large trumpet-like amaryllis blooms, commonly red and white, are perfect for a bold statement. Densely

flowering elatior begonias thrive in moderate temperatures with indirect light, rewarding you with dense clusters of rounded flowers. Best of all, these winter flowers and many others are perennial and can be preserved for next year's bloom.


Wintertime Accessories

Our favorite winter activities and the accessories that accompany them can be repurposed into festive decorations. Vintage-inspired ice skates, skis, and sleds can be artistically arranged for a charming front porch display. Hang pairs of knitted mittens from doorknobs, or cover a wire wreath form in cable knit scarves to create a cozy wreath. Look for antique and vintage-inspired accessories for a classic decorative look and pleasant time-worn comfort.


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