Modern Farmhouse Tablescape

Bring your family or friends together for a meal, hosted by you, over a spring weekend! I’ve got just the ideas to guide you in creating the ideal table décor, to enhance your gathering experience and make everything look on point. You’ll have a beautiful table arrangement in no time, with a Modern Farmhouse inspired, fresh spring look.

I made my table display, featuring our white and bourbon brown Huntsman Classic 7-piece Dining Set, to accentuate the décor I placed atop. The table provides a removable center leaf, making it easy to squeeze in more people who join the dinner party or whatever meal you decide to host!

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Here’s how to design your own table setup for a fun, friendly gathering –

Pick a color scheme

Stick to one or two colors of your choice. For example, I used green and blue to highlight a more natural theme for the spring season. Green in the plants, blue in the tablecloths, and neutrals for everything else.

Then, decide where you’d like those colors to be placed. Do you want them to be front and center as a focal point, or spread out amongst other things?

Add neutrals to break it up

Mentioned briefly above, neutrals can be used for the other table pieces from plates, candle accents, and placemats. This keeps things simple, so the table décor matches beautifully.

What do you want on the center of your plate? Name card, décor, etc.

Consider what you’d like to have on each plate to personalize each for the family members, friends, or guests you’ll have over. Most people love a personalized gift, no matter how small! As a more general example for springtime and in case you’re short on time, place a cute little succulent plant on each plate. Then, if the guest wants to keep it at the end of the dinner party, they can!

Add candles for extra lighting and sparkle

Next perfect décor item are candles! I’ve chosen two candles with elegantly carved holders to put on both ends of the table, along with small, square shaped candles in glass arranged throughout the table, as I think it adds a special touch of sophistication and charm.

Also, if you’d rather have a small dinner date with your loved one, adding candles to the table can be quite a romantic setup.

Add height

You’ll want to add some items with height to them to your table arrangement, as it’ll provide the ideal variety needed.Think of adding height to the two sides and getting shorter as your go into the center OR add height to the center and taper down to the two sides.

I placed a gorgeous plant in a large vase in the center of the table, along with already having the candles on the sides for the height variation I wanted.

Mix materials: glass, metal, fabric

This will be pretty simple to execute, as plates, silverware, and glasses are all of different materials. But, think of other elements you can include such as those that will add texture, like in the placemats I chose, or softer fabrics with pattern, like in the blue tablecloths. This will make for an artistic display, that’s also appealing and everything but dull.

Add something natural: Flowers, greenery

Enhancing the spring theme, find any other plants you’d like to showcase on the table. I have a tray with three white flowers in small clear glass vases, along with the other plants previously mentioned, as flowers brighten the whole table arrangement.

Place your yummy food last!  

Lastly, is the delicious food! If you’d like a tasty recipe, I’ve made a step by step guide to making bruschetta, you’ll definitely enjoy! Click HERE for the recipe. Otherwise, make food that you’ll know your friends or family will like, and have someone bring a dessert.


There you have it! The ideal table decorations for a fun, spring family or friend gathering! I’d love to see how you guys re-create your own table décor, so feel free and send a picture tagging us on Instagram. Or, comment below letting me know which element of décor you liked most from my arrangement. 



Walker Edison