Decorate With This One Item To Make Your Bedroom More Luxe

One of the simplest ways to update your bedroom for the season or just for fun is to incorporate a piece of décor, particularly more practical décor, like a throw! This way, you can use the item and let it stand alone as an artistic element to your bedroom or living space.

Have you seen those giant knit blankets on your Instagram and Pinterest feed lately? Don’t they just look like the ideal blanket to cuddle up with while watching your current favorite TV show? I know! The perfect throw will definitely spruce up your living space, whether you place it on the edge of your bed or on the couch. Not just any throw, but a giant knit one made of real merino wool. Talk about an instant update that will make your home more luxe.  

There are so many reasons why a merino wool throw will be a great addition to your home. Starting with the obvious one, that being how the throw will keep you warm and cozy when you’re lounging on the couch watching your favorite TV show, reading a book, flipping through a magazine, shopping on your laptop, or in the mornings, you’re sipping on a cup of coffee.

The next major benefit of having a comfy throw is that it makes for a visually appealing décor piece in your bedroom. For example, with the giant blue knitted throw I have, the pop of color compliments the neutral palette created with the plants, vases, and other décor in the room, along with the stunning rustic/industrial bedframe. Shop this bed HERE!

You can also set the throw in your living room on a chair as an accent or on the top edge of your couch for that pop of color you want. Doing so, will make your bedroom or living room look more luxe without much effort. As an investment piece, it’s definitely worth having in your home since you’ll be using it for you and your family to keep cozy all through the cooler months. Merino wool is not only known to be fireproof, but also has antibacterial properties, making it a more practical item for your home. 

My particular giant merino wool blanket was made from a super talented girl named Marika, living in the UK. She and her husband are the creators of a brand called Calipsy on Etsy, showcasing knitted items for the home. She beautifully crafted this blue merino wool blanket with a classic weave. See more of her knitted creations by following Calipsy on Instagram, @calipsycraft! Or, check out her shop on Etsy HERE!


Walker Edison


Styling: Becca Porter

Photographer: Lexi Hansen

Writer: Nicole Rodriguez