DIY Hanging Planter

Spruce up any room in your home with a beautiful DIY hanging planter! No need to go out and buy one, instead create one of your own by making it a fun weekend afternoon DIY project. I’ve got just the tips to help you design one in no time! It’s easier than you might think and then you’ll get to choose where to put it, making a room livelier.

We have provided a written step by step and a video at the end of the post to ensure this project is fun and easy!

Let's get started!


-Scrap wood

-4 6.5” terra cotta pots



-Metal ring

-Drill and 3/8” bit



-Paint or stain


-Measuring tape

Start by measuring out your wood. You want about a 1” border around your pot. Since I used 6.5” terra cotta pots I cut out four 8.5” x 8.5” squares. I used a table saw to cut the squares.

To create a hole for the pots to sit in, first trace the top of the pot in the center of the wood. Then draw another circle that is 1/4″ SMALLER inside the first circle. I used a drawing compass to make my smaller circle but you can also use a small ramekin.


Now you’ll need to cut the smaller circle out. I used a 3/8″ drill bit to create holes in the circle so I could fit my jigsaw blade inside. Then I used the jigsaw to cut around the circle until the piece popped out.


Now you should be able to fit your pot inside the wood squares!


Next, drill a hole in each corner of the wood with a 3/8” bit. I measured mine about ½” in from the edge. This will be where the rope threads go through.


Sand the wood to remove any splinters, then it’s time to stain. I chose to keep mine the natural wood color but you can use any wood stain. I recommend a one coat of Minwax stain and then finish it off with a thin coat of varnish.

Now it’s time to assemble!

Cut four 6-foot pieces of rope and thread them through the holes of one wood square. Tie a knot in each rope underneath the wood to hold it in place. This will be your bottom piece.

Tie another knot in each rope about 10-12″ above the last knot. Add the next wood square and slide it down to rest on the knots you just created. Repeat this process until all your wood pieces are in place. As you’re adding pieces, check to see if they are sitting level and make adjustments in your knots as needed.

The genius behind these vertically-hanging plants is that when you are watering, any excess water will drip onto the plant below. Talk about easy watering! If you’re hanging this indoors, you’ll want to attach a bottom piece to the last pot to catch any water that runs out. I recommend using some super glue to attach the two pieces. If you’re planning on hanging this outdoors, you won’t need to worry about it!


The last step is to get some plants added to your pots! I chose a gorgeous variety of succulents and indoor plants, but you can use any kind of flower or plant that you like!

To hang your plants, pull the top of the rope pieces through a metal ring (you can find these at most craft and hardware stores) and secure by tying a knot or wrapping floral wire tightly around the rope.

Now step back and admire your new piece plant hanger! Depending on how tall each of your plants are, you may need to raise or lower some of the wood pieces to create even spacing. Just loosen your knots a little and move them into place!

See video for step by step!


Walker Edison


Written by: Becca Porter

Photography: Alexis Hansen