Minimalist Boho Bedroom Featuring Our Antiqua Queen Bed

Your room is the one place you spend a large amount of your life in. True, most of the that time is spent sleeping, but let’s not forget those weekend mornings you spend lounging in bed browsing through social media, or those evenings you get off work and just want to kick it with a friend over the phone chatting about the latest Riverdale episode while sprawled out on your comfy bed? We all have those moments of much needed R&R. So, not only should your room be a cozy dream haven, but the way you style your room needs to exude your personality, your lifestyle, your inner artist if I might say. We’re totally here to help you accomplish your bedroom décor aspirations by giving you tricks of the trade on what interior details you may still need to integrate into your own sleeping space.

We thought of styling a room with our Antiqua queen bed frame (Click here to shop this bed) that’s now back in stock and also a popular item of ours! We thought this bronze queen bed frame emulated a bohemian style, while also displaying an urban industrial look with the unique piping design that’s made from durable steel, perfect for going all in with a boho theme. Draw the inspiration you need from the elements we added into this bedroom for you to easily mix into your own room. 

Color Theme

Probably my favorite part of the idea phase, as sticking to a color theme will pull your room together. I’m all for a blue color scheme, as it’s such a calming and relaxing shade, making it ideal for any bedroom from your guest room to your kid’s room. Think of those colors that you’re drawn to most and try sticking to only a few, to prevent color chaos!

For this boho bedroom, we went with jewel tones, with blues and greens, to adding in a pop or two of mustard. You’ll see this in some of the pillows, the candles on the dresser (shopping link to this dresser), and the macramé wall hang above the bed.


Mixing in patterns can be a fun part, taking your room from bland to just the right amount of interesting. Look for patterns that tend to match with the overall room style you’re going for. For us, that meant a natural theme, so we incorporated a palm leaf pillow and quilted comforter. Then, we went with a lightly detailed rug which pulled in a worn-in, vintage element to the space. All in all tying the room together with the bohemian style we wanted.


This element sometimes just happens, especially if you’re just trying to redecorate with a few core decoration items with your current furniture. So, be observant with the small details in your previous pieces that already have metallic accents in them and incorporate more if needed. For example, the dresser and nightstand in this room have golden accents, with the bed being bronze. We wanted to add a touch more of gold by including a lamp on the nightstand (shopping link to this nightstand), a small candle on the dresser, and a drum accent table near the dresser.

Earthy Elements

Next up, we went with adding more earthy elements, as we didn’t want to stop with only having a few palm leaf patterns, it just wasn’t enough, you know?! Any room needs plants, so we placed one in a large pot on the floor near the headboard of the bed frame and an artificial palm leaf in a vase on the dresser for a more artistic approach to adding greenery. 


Lastly, textural elements not only look good in a room, but can also add a comfort factor into your space. With the boho theme, we incorporated texture from the wall hang above the bed, the soft stitched gray pillows on the bed, and the crystal rock on the nightstand.

Overall, we just love the way this room came together and wish we could easily transfer these pieces into our second bedroom, if we had one of course! But instead, we’ll do the same thing you all will, by adding just a few of those particular elements into our own rooms that we need (or want, of course!).

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Walker Edison


Styling: Becca Porter

Photographer: Lexi Hansen

Writer: Nicole Rodriguez