Styling with Terra Cotta Planters

Not only is greenery and terra cotta currently trending in the interior design world right now, but there’s no better reason to incorporate terra cotta planters into your home as the weather warms up to bring a little bit of nature indoors!

This design tip idea kindly comes from our inhouse stylist, Gracie — Reminiscent of the beauty of the red rocks in Sedona, this earthenware warms up any space with its brownish-red color clay. Whether your space is industrial or modern farmhouse, these pots are sure to take your décor to the next level.

We styled one of our bookshelves to give you inspiration on how you can easily incorporate terra cotta planters into your own living space, but there are endless possibilities on how to re-create this or your own version that’ll match with your personal style preference. Have fun with this inexpensive design tip!

This white ladder bookshelf was styled to encompass an illuminating bohemian vibe, while the ladder itself maintains a clean, minimalist essence, overall creating a modern boho theme with the terra cotta planters. Terra cotta can work with a wide variety of décor styles, so feel free and go wild with your imagination on where you’d like them to go in your home, and which decor you want to pair them with.


Here are the steps to take to include them in your own home –

Decide on a spot/room

Find an empty surface or pick any spot in a room of your home to display them on. For example, this could be a table top, dresser, shelf, or nightstand. You can even simply place them on an already decorated surface of your choice, that way you’ll have some greenery to liven up the space. 

Purchase terra cotta planters and plants/artificial plants

This step is so much easier than it sounds guys! You can find terra cotta planters at just about any general merchandise store and they’re inexpensive too. Once you find the sizes you want, go ahead and look for plants of your choice. You can even make it easier on yourself and go with artificial plants, if you think you’ll forget to water the real ones. But, there are definitely more benefits of lively plants, as they purify the air.

(Optional) Paint the terra cotta pots

If you aren’t really into the terra cotta after all, you don’t have to stick with it. If you’d like to, just pick a paint color or two and design a pattern on some of them, leaving the rest a solid shade, or vice versa.

Place on surface in random order

Next step, put those terra cotta pots with the plants on the surface you previously decided on. As with the bookcase, we scattered ours randomly among the shelves. You can do the same by placing a few near each other, spacing the others out.

Make things even more interesting by creating a hanging planter! We will be posting all about how to make your own hanging planter next week so stay tuned.

(Optional) Decorate

If you’ve placed them on an empty shelf or table top, decorate with a style of your choice. For example, for the boho theme, we went with stacking vinyl records, books, and vases on the shelves with neutrals and muted tones, along with placing a woven basket on the ground nearby for texture and a warm metallic drum accent table. This blend of materials, texture, and color created the earthy, natural, and light feel we were going for.

That’s it! You’ve just made your space feel more bright and airy with plants and terra cotta planters!


Walker Edison


Styling: Becca Porter

Photographer: Lexi Hansen

Writer: Nicole Rodriguez