Plants for Every Room (& how to take care of them)


There is nothing that can brighten and liven a room quite like live plants. We thought it would be fun for you all to kick off your Summer with some fresh inspiration on plants in your home!


Kitchen: Nerve Plant (mini white) we love this plant for the kitchen because it grows best in low-medium light. It can have more sunshine, but too much and it gets burned! This plant like to be damp, but not soggy. Water when the soil surface starts to dry!

herbs: basil, rosemary, & mint. These guys can be a little tricky but are such a treat to have in your kitchen! Herbs need ALOT of sunshine and that's why we hung ours right in our kitchen windows! I love these plant hangers (find them here) and think its so fun to grow fresh herbs and have them on hand. Herbs need a lot of water! Make sure there soil is consistently damp. I water mine every other day!



Bedroom: Sanseviera- This plant is a NEED in your home. They are extremely resilient, don't need tons of light and only need to be watered every couple of weeks! Water when the soil is dry, this plant does best when ignored! 

We also love sanseviera it in the living room!


Living Room: English Ivy/ Florida Ivy: We love this plant for many rooms but especially in the living room. It needs to be watered regularly (about 2x a week) and needs partial sunlight! 


Entry: Golden Pothos- I love this plant! I think it is so cute and brings life to this entry space! The Golden Pothos needs moderate amount of light and is a thriving house plant. Water lightly around the pot when the soil is dry, it has shallow roots so less water is more!